Feeling Sexy in Parenthood

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:01am by Ella

Being a new mom isn’t always conducive to feeling sexy and attractive, but it is important for the new family that mom and dad keep that spark alive. Who says sexy and mom can’t be compatible?

Motherhood is a huge adjustment

It’s not easy. Diaper changing, regular feeds, baby puke over the shoulder, breasts transformed from sexy body parts to milk receptacles… Motherhood is a huge adjustment for all women, no matter how many books one reads or parenting classes one attends during pregnancy. And even the most loving and happy of new moms will find it hard to reconcile their sexual identity with their new role as primary caregiver to the little one.

Hormones change the way we feel

It’s not only the puke stain on the shoulder of your best blouse that might be preventing you from feel sexy, however. These feelings can even go deeper, as psychological changes and hormone fluctuations make new moms feel differently towards their family. Some new mothers may even feel distant towards their partner or husband, as the instinctive urge to build a nest around her and the baby kicks in. Often, the loving father is left out on the sidelines, despite everyone’s best intentions.

Why it’s important to keep the spark alive

couple on beach

It’s important that both partners remember that these feelings are completely normal. It’s nobody’s fault, and no one needs to feel guilty about having them. In order for the marriage to succeed, however, it is vital that intimacy is brought back into the partnership. With alone time together in such scarce supply, mom and dad really need to work on making time for each other, because keeping that spark alive is essential to the relationship.

Feeling sexy can help moms reconnect with their partners, which in turn also benefits everyone in the family, as a contented and happy mom and dad is just what the new arrival needs. As a first step, getting out of those PJs or sweat pants you’ve been living in since the baby was born really wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

A sexy wardrobe

If you’re finding it hard to get back in touch with your sexy self from before the pregnancy, why not try helping things along with a new wardrobe? Book a babysitter, dust off the high heels, pull out the lipstick, and book a table at the town’s most romantic restaurant.

When buying new clothes for your first post-pregnancy date, don’t forget about lingerie. Sexy underwear is not only a way to please the hubby, but it can also make a difference in how the wearer feels. Sexy lingerie is sensual to wear and can help women feel more positive about their own body. Try putting some fun back into the bedroom with lingerie garter belts in seductive, lacy designs.


Being a new mother is an incredibly tiring job, and the baby often interrupts a good night’s sleep, leaving you worn out in the morning. Looking good is often the last thing on your mind. While getting back in touch with one’s sexy side is not easy, making an effort to put the spice back in mom and dad’s relationship will benefit all members of the growing family.