Five Christmas nights out for mummies

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:22am by Ella

CC image credit to Ricardo Motti

It’s a little over a week away now, but ladies everywhere are still looking forward to celebrating the festive season with a few Christmas parties, cocktails or more. But the holidays can be particularly hard work for mummies – whether you’re a new mum or have grown up kids of your own, here are a few ways you can let off steam or even convince your kids to take you out.

Popcorn Paradise

Christmas is always a great time for cinema releases, and this year is no exception. For fans of the bestselling trilogy, part one of the final installment of The Hunger Games series, Mockingjay, has received rave reviews. Those who are willing to suffer a bit of the dreaded ‘numb bum’ syndrome can also check out The Hobbit: Battle of the Five Armies, which brings Bilbo Baggins’ journey to one exciting conclusion.



CC image credit to Sara

The humble game of bingo has received something of a stigma in recent years – that is, until online versions like Betsafe made it cool again. A night at the bingo is a great way for mums to get out with the girls and bond over a little competition – what’s more, whether you’re playing online or out, you could just be in for a small fortune too.

Thin Ice

The party season is also the time in which shopping centres, city squares and more open up their very own ice rinks. For an exciting night out and the chance to burn a few calories, mummies could do worse than hitting the ice rink, and it’s also perfect for families if no babysitters are available. Just make sure you dress appropriately!

Lights, Camera, Action!

Another perfect one for those who want to spoil their little ones too, the Christmas season sees city centres lighting up, making for a visual spectacle. For a free night out, take a walk around your local city centre and marvel at the light displays. Indeed, some cities push the boat out more than others – Oxford Street, for example, will feature gorgeous displays from now until 6th January.

Cocktail O’Clock

One night out that is certainly a child-free zone is a night on the town with the ladies. While the aforementioned Christmas parties may be a little too much for some mummies, those with grown up daughters will love the chance to get out for a few drinks and a chat before the 25th strikes. You could even try making your own at home if getting out is difficult – it brings a whole new meaning to Christmas spirit!