Four Reasons You Should Be Using Coupons

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:26am by Ella

There is a lot of argument out there on whether coupons really save people money or not. For those that swear by coupons it helps them save a good deal of money. For every person that has written an article about why you shouldn’t, or don’t need to, use coupons, there are three more that have written articles about why you should be using them.

Whether you save a few pennies or a few bucks, there are savings to be had without that much effort when it comes to couponing. While you can save much more by becoming a die-hard couponer and clipping daily, you don’t have to do this in order to save something.

They Save You Money

Whether you clip a lot or you clip a little, you will save money. Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find coupons for free items. There are coupons that are only good at specific stores, which are sometimes bigger savings. Coupons make shopping more cost effective.


You don’t have to use coupons that you don’t want to use and buy stuff you don’t want to buy. Just because the Sunday paper has a coupon for a specific brand that you don’t normally sue doesn’t mean you need to use it now. That would just negate the money savings of coupons.

They Allow You To Try New Things At A Discounted Price

One cool thing about clipping coupons is that when something new comes out it’s pretty likely there will be a coupon for it, so you get a chance to try it out at a discounted price. You may find other things you’ve thought about trying but never bought while looking through coupons as well.

You may stick with specific brands, but why not make a change for the right price?

They Are Basically Free

For the most part, coupons are basically free. Sure, you can spend a couple bucks on the Sunday paper to clip coupons each week, but you can also find those same coupons online for free, your only cost is the ink in your printer.

If your store has a club card you can usually load coupons right on that, and save on printer ink. Some stores also allow you to use coupons right off your phone.

It All Adds Up

If you don’t believe in the power of the coupon, save your receipts for a month without using coupons, then do the same the next month using coupons every time you shop for groceries. Compare the receipts afterward and see what your savings look like. You might be surprised.

Don’t be afraid of coupons. Cashiers know to expect them, and when it can save you money why wouldn’t you do it? Everyone could use a little extra spare cash in their lives.