Fun for All the Family! 4 Party Themes for Kids AND Adults

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:25am by Ella

Planning a good party can be one heck of a stressful job. Whether you’re looking at including all the kids and all the parents, allowing people to bring +1’s, sorting out the dietary requirements or figuring out how to keep everyone entertained, it always seems like there is one more item you need to add to your itinerary. It is often worth it in the end, but the journey can appear long and arduous. That is why many parents hire party organizers who can handle all aspects of kids entertainment melbourne. Well! You can also make all of the arrangements on your own.

But the one thing you can easily tick off is the theme or the subject of the party. Some kids will instantly know what theme they want the party to be, whereas for other parties you might have freer reign to decide (no Frozen!). As for setting up the party with activities, companies like moms party rental can take care of that for you. So why not try these fun party themes that are perfect for kids (and big kids) of all ages.

  1. Reverse Party Theme – Adults as Kids and Kids as Adults

This can be a pretty funny one, particularly if you set a ‘time period’. For example all the adults have to dress like kids from the 80’s or the kids have to theme their costume to the 1940’s. It adds an extra element to the dressing up part of the costume instead of letting them throw anything on, as they actually have to go and have a think about it.

Another funny idea is if you try and get party members to swap outfits. Dress up your little one in your partner’s office clothes, or get your dad to wear a striped t-shirt and baseball cap in a similar style to his grandson’s. It involves everybody and everybody looks equally ridiculous!

  1. Pirates

An oldie, but goodie. It will be a sad day when pirates are no longer fun for all the family, because it is just so much fun finding outfits and accessories for your swashbuckling crew. Bandanas, turned down boots, ruffled shirts and eye patches are all welcome at this party. Grab yourself a foam cutlass or a cheap blow up sword and challenge some of your shipmates to a duel, arrgh!

You can even find some fun party gifts online and set it up in the form of a pirate’s treasure chests. Maybe even make a game of the whole thing, with pirates going out to sea and finding treasure (in this case, the gifts).

  1. Alphabet Costumes

Confused? Don’t be! This works out like a little game for all the party goers. Each attendee is given a letter of the alphabet, be it K or E or G for example. They then have to create a costume based on that letter – either using the shape, or use only materials beginning with that letter, or taking one word beginning with that letter and rolling with it. For example, for the letter W you could turn up in a Wooly Jumper and Wellies, or you could go as Where’s Wally!


  1. Onesies/Kigurumi

Onesies are always a popular choice for costume parties, although they can get quite hot so this might be a good idea for winter parties. Onesies, otherwise known as kigurumi in Japan (where the styles are even more whacky!) are a sort of adult ‘baby grow’. Chances are you’ve got one or two just for relaxing in, even if they aren’t themed. The kigurumi type onesies are actually designed to look like cartoon characters of certain animals (such as these fox characters) so they are always good at a party. They come in a wide range of styles, animals and colours, from bats and cats to fantastical creatures like dragons and even cartoon characters like Hello Kitty and Pingu. They also double up as a good birthday gift so why not try it.

With a little creative imagination you can create hilarious party themes that gets everyone involved. It can be stressful enough without having to worry about making sure that everyone has a good time so these fun and light-hearted themes that are suitable for both adults and children are a great way to get the party going before you’ve even started baking the cake. Give them a try at your next shindig!