Fun Indoor Kids’ Activities

Posted on May 21 2019 - 4:59am by Ella

pic3Let’s be honest: while it’s easy to find exciting activities for kids over the warmer months, it can be a bit trickier to do the same during the winter – or even just on a rainy day. Kids tend to find it far easier to grow bored indoors than when they’re running around the garden, and keeping them occupied in the house for an entire day can be a bit of a challenge. But who said that a day in has to be boring? We’ve put together some tips to help you have a fun and exciting day with your kids – without facing the cold winter air or the pouring rain.

Get crafty

Arts and crafts are a great, creative way to keep your kids occupied on a rainy day. You don’t have to create an elaborate sculpture for it to count as art – just get the crayons, watercolours, paper, and glue ready, and you’re good to go. If you need some inspiration, you could look for easy indoor art projects online – some sites sharing fun art activities for kids even have “indoor” and “outdoor” filters. Get some old magazines and cut out people and objects for a fun collage, or make birthday cards for relatives – most kids love creating things themselves, and homemade cards are a great way to pass on a more personal message.

It’s playtime

pic2Classic games go a long way. If you have some board games suitable for all ages, why not have a tournament? Turn it into a family competition by splitting up into teams and playing against each other. Alternatively, play a few exciting rounds of hide and seek, or start reading a book and then encourage your kids to tell you how the story will go on. This is not only great fun, but also helps kids to unleash their (always fascinating) imaginations.

Make a day of it

You can have a great day out without having to be outdoors. Why not take your whole family on a fun trip? If you’ve got active kids, they will definitely enjoy a day out at a trampoline park, at a laser quest, or going to an indoor water park. To foster some family communication and also let your kids explore their imagination, you can consider taking them to an escape room in Atlanta (or wherever you live). You can find out if they have a mystery suited for children and plan beforehand. Just check what’s available in your area, prepare a packed lunch, and have fun. Plus, kids generally fall asleep instantly in the evening after jumping, running, or swimming all day!

Quality Time

Why not get the popcorn out and enjoy a big day of movies? Kids love watching something creative and exciting and it’s even better if they can spend this time with their parents. You could even print some fake cinema tickets, meet them at the entrance and take them to their cinema seats. The best thing is that you can also use a VPN to find some of the best movies over a variety of platforms in various regions, which is what this ivacy vpn review explains more clearly. You and your kids will have the best day snuggling on the couch and laughing until your belly hurts!

Get cooking

It’s never too early to familiarise your kids with the kitchen. The earlier they learn to cook, the easier it will be for them later in life when they’re moving out and have to look after themselves. Pick a simple but tasty recipe you know your kids will enjoy, and let them assist you with basic tasks, like mixing the ingredients or cleaning up the kitchen afterwards – just be sure to supervise at all times. If you make sure they stay away from hot surfaces or sharp utensils, you’re guaranteed to have a fun and very productive afternoon. Plus, dinner will be sorted too!