How To Get Married At Home

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:18am by Ella

There’s really no place like home when it comes to weddings. From saving time trying to find the perfect wedding venue to saving money and making sure you have all creature comforts around you on your day, consider getting married at home. Or a family home that has the perfect setting. Let’s not forget one of the most crucial parts of the day – the rings! Get ones that are right for you as a couple. Checking out retailers like Groove Life as well as others will give you more of a range. Anyway, here’s what else you’ll need to consider.

  1. Make sure there’s room to say “I Do”

Your home setup will need to have enough space for all of your guests. If you’re planning on a combination of indoor and outdoor time, be sure to have a backup plan should the weather take a turn. The rule of thumb for indoor space is six to ten square feet of floor space for each guest.

  1. DIY all of it

Since the event is in your home, it might be a good idea to hire a wedding coordinator who can offer fresh perspective on your space and what you can and can’t do. Hire people for all the basics too, like setting up, serving, parking cars, cleaning up and of course serving a stellar meal.

  1. Make sure your wedding officiate can comply

Make sure your chosen wedding officiate will be able to give you his or her blessings at your home.

  1. Wedding guests may try to stay over

Try to dissuade guests from staying at your house. Unless you’re marrying in a massive mansion, the only people staying over should be the homeowners and immediate family.

  1. You’ll have to rent everything


Make sure you rent tables, chairs, dinnerware, table linens, napkins, barware, place settings and a tent. You may also need portable bathrooms. Keep in mind you may also need a generator to light a tent or provide the catering kitchen with power.

  1. Choose your meal

Getting married at home means you’re not limited to another venue’s catering options. You could choose to have a spit roast, 4 course sit-down extravagant meal or simple finger foods – depending on what you and your guests will enjoy most.

finger food

  1. You might need to get a party permit

Make sure everything is in order including fire department inspections and city permits. Have an electrician inspect your area and find out if local noise ordinances require permits.

  1. Save on decorations

If you have something unique in your home, be it a spectacular view, massive tree or elegant dining room, play up the feature. Use different vases around the house and different centre pieces on tables. Place garden lamps and paper lanterns outside and string tiny white lights in trees.

white lights

  1. Include the neighbours

Let your neighbours know about your plans ahead of time and make sure they know what time the ceremony will be so no one is mowing their lawn at that time. You could even ask if they’d be willing to help with parking space.

  1. Make sure there’s insurance in place for home repair

From guests dancing on the lawn to various vendors traipsing around, the house might take a little bit of a beating. Find out what your homeowner’s insurance covers ahead of time and consider taking out a supplemental policy. Check your current insurance to find out if the policy covers third-party liability and also ensure all vendors have their own insurance policies.

It will all be worth it

One of the most beautiful countries to get married is picturesque Australia. Some of its major cities’ landscapes are breath-taking. But if you choose your home over wedding venues Adelaide or beautiful Sydney or scenic Melbourne for your wedding day, it’s better to be prepared than scared. Having a wedding at home is a fabulous idea and a wonderful event for your family to remember always. One of the biggest advantages of having your wedding day at home is that it can be extremely personal. There’s nothing quiet compared to getting ready in the comfort of your room, or childhood bedroom, and gliding down the staircase in your fairy tale wedding gown.

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