Get RULY with Your Digital Snaps and Help Change the World

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:01am by Ella

Blame it on reality television series such as ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ or blame it on the insanely good cameras integrated as a standard feature of Smartphones and other mobile devices, but the fact remains that the volume of all the digital photos you snap is growing at a much faster pace than what you can keep up with, organisationally. Since every new photo you snap with your mobile phone or digital camera no longer wastes valuable film roll, chances are you take every opportunity to take the perfect pic, with a lot of experimental shots in between. For both frequent travellers and borderline-vain selfie-junkies, before you can even revisit and sort through the pics you snapped last time around, you’ve already taken a few dozen more on your next trip or in front of the next mirror you spotted yourself looking good in.


The filters you might have planned to add later for the perfect social media upload are doing nothing but collecting dust, while that album of the perfect picture-combo telling a visual story of whatever memories you captured is still buried under a sea of digital snaps you’ve not gotten back to since you took them. Platforms such as cloud-storage, synchronisation, and even backing up to the cloud and multiple storage devices only seems to compound the growing problem of your expanding collection of digital photos, quite simply because most of this syncing and backing-up is itself not done in an organised and structured manner. The temptation of putting it all off for a later time often proves to be too strong to overcome, but an ever-growing stockpile of digital photographs can very quickly turn into an unmanageable problem.

Incentive to Get Ruly with Your Digital Snaps

In this instance, getting RULY with your digital snaps isn’t only meant in the actionable sense. Ruly is in fact a digital photography concierge service which is giving digital photo-organisation-procrastinators some added incentive to get ruly with their digital snaps and have them expertly sorted, edited and organised. Ruly makes use of a combination of (wo)man-power and photo-analysis algorithmic technology to individually categorise each photo, sorting then as either “Clutter” or “Keepers” and then editing each “Highlight” snap you’d ideally love to keep. The added incentive comes into play via the empowerment structure which forms part of the service, which refers to the woman-power used to add that human-element to the image sorting which the most powerful of algorithms still can’t quite manage to this day. So every time you use the Ruly service to get your digital photography clutter sorted out and organised, you have the added incentive of knowing that you’re also empowering women in developing countries such as Cambodia through jobs in the technology sector they otherwise would never have any chance of getting.

Even if you aren’t the most compulsive of digital photo-snappers, it all starts with just one photo being left for sorting, editing or publishing later and then you all of a sudden have way too many to deal with otherwise.