A Guide to Buying A Gift to Celebrate the Birth of Your Child

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:00am by Ella

Pulling some great inspiration from the perfect guide to the perfect gift for any occasion, our focus today falls specifically on gifts to celebrate the birth of your child.

If your wife or girlfriend has just given birth to your baby, or is soon to be doing so, then it’s about time you put some thought into gifts. Some people even like to call them ‘push gifts’. It’s tradition for a man to buy his other half a gift when she gives birth. This is to celebrate the birth of the baby and to thank her for all of her hard work. What better way to show her she’s appreciated than to buy her a lovely ‘push’ gift? This guide should inspire you:

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A Personalised Locket

A personalised locket is something that the mother of your baby can treasure forever. Why not take it to the jewelers and have your names etched in it too? You can then included any pictures you like insure. Perhaps a lovely one of you as a family, or your baby as a newborn.

A Diamond Ring

Not bought the mother of your child a special diamond ring yet? Now could be the time! Whiteflash diamond rings in Houston come in all kinds of styles, so take a look for inspiration. What better time to pop the question than after having your first child together? If you’ve already proposed/married, this could still be a nice idea if she loves wearing rings.

A Charm

Most ladies have charms these days, so why not buy yours a special charm to attach to her bracelet? You’ll need to find out which brand it is first, whether that’s Trollbeads, Chamilia, or Pandora. If she hasn’t got one at all, it could be a good time to treat her to one! You’ll never run out of gifts to buy her for other occasions then, either!

Diamond Earrings

You just can’t go wrong with a lovely pair of diamond studs. They compliment every outfit and suit every kind of woman. There will be a pair to suit all budgets too!

A Spa Weekend

Your other half has worked very, very hard over the last 9 months. Treating her to a spa weekend will give her a much needed, relaxing break! Make sure you include some treatments for her, but double check with the spa on what she can have after having a baby. She may need to wait a while before having a massage, for example.

A Beauty Gift Card

Does your other half enjoy beautifying herself with makeup products? A beauty gift card could be the perfect thing to receive after the baby. She can go out and treat herself to lots of new, exciting makeup treats to make her feel good again. She’ll feel like a yummy mummy in no time!

A Designer Bag

Ladies love designer brands. Especially bags in designer brands! Why not treat her to a gorgeous designer bag that will last her a lifetime? She can take this everywhere with her, and feel like a celebrity.

You have loads of options when choosing a push present. Use your imagination and you’ll come up with something your lady will love!