Hitting the Sweetest Spot

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:01am by Ella

Fast food chains would love to have you believe that their ‘unmistakable’ food products taste exactly the same wherever in the world you go, but the truth is that in reality there are some subtle differences. In fact, in some instances if you were blind-folded and made to taste say a popular cheeseburger from the same chain store’s different branches located in different countries, you’d not really be able to make a link between the two. Try as they may, unless it’s something like a chocolate bar with some processed ingredients sourced from the same suppliers each time, big fast-food chains can’t avoid having different versions of their products taste a little bit differently, by virtue of the locations of the different franchises.


Going back to the delicious chocolate bar example however, in such an instance the taste is guaranteed to always be the same, mostly as a result of the food processing aspect of the production process. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing — I mean if you’re specifically worried about the preservatives added to a chocolate bar, then your entire decision-making approach to what you eat should come into question…A moment on the hips and all that…

If a certain chocolate bar make tastes exactly the same though, why is it that on some days when you eat that exact same snack or food item it seems to really go down particularly well? Like it appears to be going down much better than usual, for some reason…

It doesn’t only apply to chocolate however. It can be anything really and as one of life’s simpler pleasures, it’s always nice to be able to recreate that very moment when you manage to “hit the sweet spot.” All the better if you can do it again and again, truly enjoying whatever it is your favourite indulgences are. Those little ‘moments’ you have as a result are perhaps worthy of a feature in a television commercial, but just being able to enjoy hitting that sweet spot at will is perhaps enough for now. How do you do it though?

Well, it’s perhaps done via trial and error, where an onlooker would perhaps conclude that they’re witnessing what would otherwise be classified of a moment of pure insanity or just plain weirdness. Either way, it is indeed about trial and error in which you basically try to recreate everything that could have possibly contributed you hitting the sweetest spot on a particular time you were enjoying your favourite pleasure.

You’re not alone in your madness — there’s me and my husband as well, whom for a while I just couldn’t understand why he insisted on drinking his Brazilian coffee from a specific set of paper coffee cups I started buying as part of the weekly grocery shopping. Okay, he perhaps takes things a bit too far in trying to recreate the exact, potentially sweet-spot-inducing environment, because he puts on his favourite song (I kid you not) and insists I give him a little peck on the lips, while the kids are looking, before even taking the first sip, like things happened when he first hit the “sweetest spot.”