Home From Home Care

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:02am by Ella

image-1-hfhcHome From Home Care is a specialist residential care home for adults with learning difficulties and complex special needs. These include all learning disabilities from autism, epilepsy, cerebral palsy, PMLD, and sensory impairment to complex health and mental health conditions. What makes Home From Home Care stand out from other residential homes is that it has been created by parents with children who suffer from complex medical needs. If there have been issues with medical negligence to any of these conditions it may be worth looking into taking legal action, for example, you could find a solicitor for cerebral palsy case if you or your child felt medical negligence.

By doing this, they can provide a family perspective combined with the knowledge of experienced professionals in order to create a completely dynamic and therapeutic experience. It can allow the residents to live a full and active life and have the opportunities to experience things that they might otherwise not have had the option to. In addition to such health care, people suffering from psychosocial disabilities can also look for support through a recovery goal coach ndis. These service providers can deliver therapy and support to help disabled people achieve independence through better decision-making and control of life.

Home From Home Care place all of their focus on the individual, and ensure that they do exactly what is best for that individual, even if this is not necessarily best for the company. They treat every single resident as an individual and will cater for their needs, not compromising on anything, even if it means devising a new support program. This is all in order to make a difference to these people’s lives, and support their family by doing so.

As a home, they offer a range of different services, all of which are carried out by a team of highly qualified and dedicated staff members. They create micro communities within the homes, where small groups of compatible people can live together on their own. image-2-hfhcdayopportunitiesThese communities incorporate different CQC registered residential services, and it means that the residents can benefit from specialised staff, and greater social interaction. Their specialist Integration homes combine the therapeutic residential care with independent living. All residents will have their own spacious living room, as well as a bedroom and en-suite, with a shared communal area. The objective is to encourage more independent living with the support of highly trained carers on hand. All the homes reflect their belief that ‘individuals respond best to a warm and homely atmosphere’. All residents have additional access to sensory and activity rooms as well.

Home From Home Care also offer day opportunities to those individuals with learning disabilities who are living in the wider community. Again, these packages are designed to suit the individual, giving them the chance to live more enjoyable and fulfilling life. These day opportunities are available all year round, every day of the week.

Home From Home Care understand how important care is and what will actually benefit the individual. Because it has been created by parents, they really offer that first-hand account, which you may not get elsewhere. Their aim is to offer both parents and carers an alternative when it comes to choosing specialist service for their adult children with learning difficulties.