How To Choose A Modern Radiator For Your Modern Home

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:02am by Ella


Every home owner wants their abode to look good. Houses that are designed with a specific theme can benefit from a range of readily available styles of decors and household utilities. When it comes to radiators, they are one of those pieces of equipment which is essential during cold times. Fortunately for the modern family, radiators have come a long way from being a bulky piece of metal which merely heats a room. While true to its core, radiators serve the primary purpose of heating.


For those who wish to spice things up, they tend to find a matching style that goes well with the theme of their rooms or house such as contemporary models and classical designs. On the other hand, people just want to have an updated version of an internal heating unit in style, and that is where the modern radiator comes in play. Whatever the option, it goes back to the needs and wants of the consumer. 

Modern radiators

Although a majority of homes in the UK still use gas/boiler powered radiators, a few have opted for their electrical counterparts either due to modernisation, the increase of apartment buildings, or lack of access towards a gas source. Electric radiators are slowly becoming a preferred choice due to its efficiency in the long run, but many people have debated this fact (which goes back to simple mathematical calculations).

One of the advantages of electrical radiators besides eliminating the need of a centralised boiler is also the efficiency controls and variety of style offered by radiator suppliers. Electric radiators are something worth considering if your home relies mostly on electricity as opposed to gas. Before you choose a modern electrical radiator, you should also consider the costs of installing an electrical radiator system. There are several online stores that supply a good range of radiators at different prices.

Modern radiators are now built in a wide selection of models and build materials. You can expect to find a vast range of stainless steel radiators, classical cast iron, brass, graphite, and aluminium built radiators. They all come at different prices and each offers a unique product. While an expensive radiator does not necessarily mean the best radiator, consumers looking for style might be expected to pay for more than an average built radiator out of cast iron. 

Choosing a style

Some home owners might want to create a style of living from the past. To achieve this, home owners purchase and design everything in their home with the selected style to recreate the unique era. There are a lot of different types of styles of radiators that match current trends in houses. Some of the styles which are currently popular amongst others are:

  • Architectural
  • Classical
  • Victorian
  • Contemporary
  • Mirrored
  • Ostentatious 

While each type offers a unique range of artistic style to match modern homes, they do come at a price. For those who are brave in experimentation, there is nothing wrong with blending the styles together to find an ideal choice of radiator that can come cheaper. Don’t forget to visit online stores like Radiator Factory to check out some of their offers.

Aside from the stylised radiator themes, even the most simplistic modern radiators provide excellent value for money and durability. For instance, even a radiator in the range of £100 or less can come in a relatively unique design and colour choice. Since the availability of these products are becoming more common, so are their reduction in prices for most radiators. 


If you are strict in a certain home theme then by all means go for the style which best suits that of your preferred choice. You don’t always have to choose the most expensive radiators available in stores. By carefully blending different themes in your home can also create a modernised feel that can not only wow you and your family but also your visitors.

Don’t forget the all-important heating requirements of these modern radiators as prior calculation is essential in determining the BTU rate of your selected modern radiator. You will want to find a modern radiator which matches your aspired specifications. Lastly, the Radiator Factor supplies a diverse range of modern quality radiators which come at varying price ranges.