How to Control Kid Clutter

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:01am by Ella

Kids have a lot of stuff. Some might say that they have too much stuff. They get given toys for Christmas and birthdays and other occasions and the collection just builds and builds until it feels like there is nothing BUT toys.

So how do you deal with? Read on to find out how.


1. Have a Clear Out

The first step to a life of less stuff is to get rid of it! However, because it is your kids’ stuff, you’ll need to factor them into the process. Also know that some things that you may buy frequently for your kids-such as bubble blowers, for example-can be bought just once to reduce clutter. You can look for the Best Refillable Bubble Solution with which you can re-fill the same toy with solution and re-use it when needed. This can lead to a lot less unwanted objects lying around the house. Besides that, see if you can find toys that haven’t been played with for a really long time. Take these toys and store them out of sight and out of mind. After a month, you can legitimately get rid of these toys – they won’t be missed by anybody.

You then have to go through your kids’ toys with your kids and help them make decisions about their toys. Ask them questions like “when was the last time you played with this toy?”. This will not only get rid of some of the kid clutter, but it will also help your children to develop good decision-making skills.

Once you’ve decided which toys you no longer want, you can donate them, sell them or simply throw them away if they’re in a bad condition.


2. Keep Them Out

The next step is to change the way you deal with new toys when they are brought into your home. One of the best ways is to have a “one in one out” policy, so the collection never gets any bigger. Additionally, buy toys that are clutter-free and don’t have many parts. It can make rearranging and storing a lot easier. You can look for Games Like Pop Up Pirate and other similar toys that are battery-operated.

3. How to Store Them

There are so many ways that you can store toys, that you really should tailor it to the way your kids work, what you have already in your home or what you’re willing to buy.


  • Bookcases and Baskets. The lower levels of your bookcases should be used for storage that your kids can use themselves, so that they can put them away (as opposed to you doing it for them). Use baskets to group the toys together, labelling them with pictures and words so kids of all ages can understand where things go. Use the higher levels of your bookcases for decoration, or storage that your kids don’t regularly use.
  • Used in the same way as baskets, you can pop these on the floor, hang them on the wall or stack them. Easy.
  • For fiddly bits, like crayons or cars, use food containers or jars. Depending on the size, you could use leftover jars from jam!

Do you have any tips for making sure toys don’t take over your life?