How to design a stunning family room around a sectional sofa

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:02am by Ella

Here’s how to use your sectional sofa as the basis of great design

The family room is more often than not the social hub of any home. A sectional sofa is a great piece of furniture to include in a family room as it guarantees enough seating for the whole family and for large gatherings. But many people are put off sectionals because they think they will take up too much room. Yet the size of a sectional is no reason to think they can’t be used as a fashionable and functional statement in your family room.

So we’ve put together this handy guide to let you know how best to arrange your family room so that you’re making the most of your stunning sectional sofa.

Find a focal point

Your sectional will most likely be the largest item of furniture you have in your family room, which means it should be positioned so that it faces what you want to be the focal point of the room. In the family room, this may be the television or it could be a fireplace, large window or piece of wall art, depending on how you use the space. It is recommended that if your focal point is indeed the television, it should be positioned about 12 feet from your sectional. This will allow for comfortable television viewing no matter where you sit.

Maintain a flow

When positioning your sectional, you need to think about the overall flow of the room, and avoid the temptation to simply place your sectional against the longest wall unless you’re sure that this is the best place for it. To find the best flow, you need to think about how you and your family move around the room. It may be best to place your sectional in the centre of the room and have a table in front of it to create a cost central hub of social activity, leaving enough room around the seating to move freely through the room.

Balance all the elements

If your sectional is at one side of the room, it may make the room feel unbalanced. Make sure the other part of the room that doesn’t contain social seating doesn’t become wasted space. Perhaps you could create an office area, or a cosy reading nook with high shelves and comfortable armchairs? If you simply want more seating for large gatherings, you could arrange other chairs and sofas in a U-shape that mimics your sectional and also points towards the room’s focal point.

Bring comfort and convenience together

Again, we need to stress the importance of considering how you plan on using your family room. A convenient layout is just as important as an attractive one, if not more so. The seating needs to be easily accessible, but shouldn’t make it difficult to access other items of furniture in the space like lamps or shelving. Placing a coffee table in the centre of your sectional will provide you with the surface space you need for a family game or movie night.

Consider a vintage sectional sofa

Ultimately, the main way you can create a stunning family room with a sectional sofa is by choosing the right sectional in the first place. Vintage furniture is both attractive and unique, providing your family room with a beautiful centrepiece which is truly one-of-a-kind. What’s more, vintage furniture has proven durability, which makes it the perfect addition to a family room. You may think of sectional sofas as a relatively modern design, but there are plenty of attractive vintage options out there to consider. Be sure to explore some of the best online stores, like Vinterior, for the finest vintage sectional sofas available.