How to Make the Most of Your Bed

Posted on Apr 16 2019 - 2:40pm by Ella

If you’ve already found your perfect bed (and if you haven’t, take a look at these inexpensive ones), then it’s time to make it work as hard for you as you did getting it up those stairs!


There are lots of ways that you can transform an ordinary bed into a small corner of heaven of your own making.

The Basics

If your mattress is old and worn out, consider getting a new one. Most people look for the uk’s most advanced king size mattresses when it is time for a replacement. After all, your mattress is where you spend one-third of your life and it should be a proper investment.

Invest in good pillows. Make sure that the pillows that you want are the ones on your bed. Don’t just sleep on the “good pillows” or have to share out the bad ones between you.

Don’t break the bank and buy down duvets – there are many alternatives that are just as warm and light. Buy the most expensive duvet that you can afford.


Dressing Your Bed

Your bed is nothing if it doesn’t look inviting. This is often down to personal preference. If you’d prefer a bed filled with cushions and patterns and throws, then by all means go ahead. Overstuff your pillows for a hotel feel. Try your hand at sewing your own cushions or knitting your own throw for a cheaper alternative to going out and buying – it’s surprising how much cushions cost these days!

If, on the other hand, you prefer something more minimal, then plain sheets and straight lines are your friends – though extra cushions will never go amiss.

Whether you’re minimal or over-the-top cosy, the sheets that you use have a massive impact on the comfy-ness of your bed. If you really want to upgrade, then go for linen over cotton. It has a naturally wrinkly look, but it is effortlessly cool regardless.



Lighting can a perfect decor item that can enhance the overall look of your bedroom. Bedside lamps, be it an electric one or the Best quality Himalayan salt lamp, these are decorative pieces that can help add character to any room.

The Headboard

The headboard isn’t the most important part of your bed, but it can make your bed feel a lot fancier. Headboards are easier to make than you might think – and you don’t even have to be a whiz with wood or metal either – take a look at these DIY headboards for inspiration.

Apparently humans spend, on average, around 26 years sleeping – so your bed is well worth the investment!