Inter-Family Gifting Made Easy

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:02am by Ella

We probably let it affect as a lot more than it really should, but the effects of crossing the threshold and entering into that next phase in all our lives tends to shift the dynamics around some of our personal relationships. For example, if you were previously a single lady with lots of guy friends then it would naturally come across as a bit inappropriate for you to keep entertaining them in the same manner you’ve been doing all this time, even in the case that they’d really be nothing to it.

The changes come naturally as well though – I mean from the point of view of the guy whose lifelong friend suddenly has a family to look after, what on earth do you talk about? Conversation does tend to dry up, as much as we don’t want it to and make every effort for things to develop in that way.

The really great thing that takes place however is that of how you become more easily relatable to other people who find themselves in pretty much the same situation as you. As a young mother who has perhaps taken her child to the park, the young mother next to you who is also keeping an eye on their little one suddenly has so much to talk about with you which you can both relate to naturally and easily.

Beyond the ensuing play-dates and inter-family outings, some of the strongest bonds begin to build up and pretty much everything starts to centre on family dynamics. Your single friends will understand why you suddenly can’t buy them gifts like that $2,000 watch or something along those lines which they’d previously become accustomed to, so don’t worry about that.

What you might find yourself worrying about though is the new dynamic of inter-family gifting. I mean suddenly having to think about the best gift for a fellow young mother in the same situation as yours can be fraught with over-thinking minefields, particularly because it’s probably something you’ve never had to think about before.

It really doesn’t have to be made difficult at all when it comes to inter-family gifting. All you have to do is think about what gift you’d like to receive and naturally as a mother the first thoughts that come to your mind are those of your family. Mothers are selfless like that, sometimes a bit too selfless.

Now there’s no definitive way of knowing exactly what someone needs the most in their lives at a particular time, but that’s okay because part of what makes up a gift is the little bit of frivolity or silliness attached to it. So something like a gift basket as a Christmas present will do just fine because it covers the basic needs which tend to form around a mother’s assumed responsibility during the festive period (to cater to the festive needs of their family), while at the same time it allows them to indulge a bit on more of a personal level.

So as far as inter-family gift-giving goes, just think about something which will add a bit of festive cheer for the whole family – it doesn’t have to be anything too fancy.