Interesting Dress and Jumpsuit Trends for 2018

Posted on Apr 16 2019 - 2:40pm by Ella

Given how hot it has been this year, it is no surprise to learn that dress sales have soared. Women, across the UK, have been showing off their tanned legs and wearing skirts and dresses that help them to stay cool. For the evening’s jumpsuits are also proving popular. The fact that they are lightweight and have baggy legs means they are a great way to make sure that you do not end up getting too hot.

Right now, dresses and jumpsuits rule and there is still plenty of hot weather to come. So, now is a great time to pop out and treat yourself to a new one. Here are some of the styles and trends you should keep an eye out for.

Plus-size dresses and jumpsuits are far easier to buy

Retailers like have moved with the times. Most have recognised that the average UK woman is now a size 16. So they are now stocking their dresses in a far wider range of sizes. It is no longer that hard to find dresses in a size 16+.

This is great news, but you still need to get the fit right to be able to look your best. It is important to re-measure yourself each time you go dress shopping. You can find out the right way to do it by reading this guide. It is written primarily with brides in mind, but the in-depth method outlined in that article actually works regardless of the type of dress you are planning to buy.

Polka dots rule

Every year, sees a new pattern or colour take over the shops. For 2018, it appears to be the polka dot. This fun pattern works well for women of all ages and is very flattering.

Colourful prints

If you are not keen on polka dots, choose a bold, bright print dress from brands like Milly, or go for a jumpsuit instead. This year, dual colour floral prints are especially easy to find.

All in one dress

A few retailers have also opted to stock all-in-one style dresses. They know that some women like the look of a two-piece outfit, but do not always find them comfortable to wear. In the hot weather, the top can stick to your skin and ride up. An all-in-one style dress solves that problem. It is designed to look like you are wearing a skirt and top. But, because the two halves are stitched together, the top part cannot ride up. They offer the skirt and top look without any of the hassle.


If you do not fancy wearing a jumpsuit because it covers up too much of your legs, opt for a playsuit instead. They look just as glamorous and are a great alternative to wearing a pair of shorts with a top or blouse.

Looking ahead to the fall

If you are the type of woman who likes to get ahead and shop for the next season, you will enjoy my fall fashion piece. You can find it here.