IVF With Egg Donation. What To Know.

Posted on May 21 2019 - 4:59am by Ella

Over the past number of decades, IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) treatment has become increasingly popular. It’s now regarded as among the most universal treatment methods for infertility. Because of this, the information and awareness about it has become widely popularised in the  mainstream, as much as the actual procedure. Saying that, not everybody realises the difference in egg donation (a variant of IVF) and why specialists in reproduction are widely recommended it as a viable option. Below are a few things you may have not have previously known about IVF with egg donation.

  1. IVF with egg donation: Indications

IVF with/without egg donation is an infertility method of treatment. When a couple has been  unsuccessful in their attempts to reproduce over a year. Many factors contribute to infertility,  beginning with bad diet & lifestyle choices and ending with impairments in the human reproductive organs or females having their menopause prematurely. Although, some reasons for infertility can be  reduced by simply adjusting one’s daily routine, while others require a medical intervention like  hormonal imbalance medication, based on problems in the ovarian thyroid or treatment of blocked fallopian tubes (surgical).

Another step for couples whose health complications are not as easily solvable is In Vitro Fertilization including the combining of gametes in a laboratory & transferring the obtained embryo(s) into the female’s body. For less severe fertility problems, where healthy cells of both partners are collected & used to fertilize, then only regular IVF is needed.

  1. Affordability of IVF with egg donation

In Vitro Fertilization with egg donation can be considered as highly expensive for couples who may not afford to pay for even one cycle in their countries. However, those believing that IVF with egg donation is only a procedure available to affluent couples, we have some great news for you! In a lot of countries, particularly in Central & Eastern Europe this type of treatment is much more affordable. The full cycle cost can be few multiples lower than that of Western countries but yet it’s not due to  a lack of quality. Clinics who offer low cost IVF with egg donation can exceed the European average  with both the success rate & care quality of patients. If you are seeking more information on the best locations for potential Vitro Fertilization with egg donation, go to https://www.eggdonationfriends.com/

  1. Safety of IVF

The fertility clinics ensure safety & efficiency in their procedures. Eggs are sourced from young healthy donors who have been thoroughly screened, tested and qualified, pre-treatment to be sure that they have no historical or genetic health problems or psychological ability to donate eggs. Most treatment clinics will hold a database of eligible donors to provide couples with that peace of mind.

In the majority of treatments including IVF with egg donation the legal stance of the arrangement between the parents and the egg donor is clearly outlined so there’s no ambiguity or potential legal problems regarding the rights and responsibilities of the parents into the future.