Let’s have a perfect family get-together

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:24am by Ella

As a mother, there’s nothing better than having a perfect moment with the whole family. Your kids are going to grow up in no time and your husband’s almost always  busy with work. So planning out a day or two where you get to travel with the family could be a good investment. Everyone gets to take a break from their daily routines and have a few stress free days. Create the best memories by clicking pics, having food together, laughing out loud and just being happy.


For any trip, you got to pack well otherwise you could forget all the necessaries. Children by the age of12, should learn how to pack on their own. There is a lot of thought that goes into deciding what kind of clothes to wear. As they grow up, they need to take ownership of their responsibilities. After all it’s their holiday too. All that you have to worry about is the eatables that you can pack easily.

Even if it is the most safest of holiday destinations that you choose to go to, make a list of do’s and dont’s. If you plan to travel to a different country, relish the culture. To interact with the people around you, try to learn the language, their geography, their food, their beliefs, etc.

This one time me and my family were in London, we realized how popular online bingo is with the people there and decided to know more about the game. But playing with money isn’t really legal for children, so me and my husband decided to give it try when the kids were asleep in the night. We registered as a member with a site named GameVillage and instantly got credited with a £20 bingo bonus.

The variety of games on the site were intriguing and we were just as addicted to the game as anyone else in the UK was. Since then, online bingo has become a part of out daily routine and along with this, we carried a whole load of good memories back with us. Indeed it was a family trip to remember.