Mobile Spy: Secured Devices, Better Digital Safety of Your Kids

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:22am by Ella

Kids are surrounded by technology more than adults. We may have just our smartphone and office computer to deal with, kids have many other gadgets; gaming consoles, iPads and handheld gaming tablets etc.


There are too many reasons not to alienate kids from internet and gadgets, and undoubtedly, internet’s benefits can outweigh its downsides. Or in reality, it’s not the internet but people amongst us who have been using it to satisfy their insidious agenda.  From our dark and lonely streets to everywhere, internet has opened infinite doors for pedophiles and sexual harassers to communicate and bait teens and tweens into sharing nude photos, video chats or even physical meet ups. It’s just too easy for them now, thanks to the internet’s predisposed ability to do so.

Digital security is one of the biggest concerns for parents, but unfortunately, not many parents know how to achieve it. The easiest way to protect kids against online harassers and pedophiles is by installing a mobile spy app onto their devices.

A mobile spying app can send instant notifications onto the devices of the parents about the child’s smartphone activity. One app that parent can rely on for mobile monitoring is XNSPY that’s easy-to-use and extremely affordable.

XNSPY ensure that kids mobile devices are protected 360. From phone logs to real-time tracking, XNSPY does it all. Have a look at the features that can be very handy for parents:

Multimedia Monitoring

One of the biggest threats from electronic devices use is due to the kid’s inability to sense a potential danger. Not many kids know how dangerous it is to keep their inappropriate photos saved inside the phone. They can lose their smartphone or tablet anytime and may lose their privacy with it too.

But luckily, this app makes sure nothing like this happens, ever. Parents can access gallery on their monitored devices and view all the saved photo, videos and audio. They can also view multimedia shared on instant messaging apps. If your kid has lost their phone, you can remotely wipe off their phone’s data.

Instant Messenger Monitoring

The other thing that should worry parents is sexting. Before online sexual harassers may bait kids into sharing photos, they indulge in a series of comfortable and trust-earning conversations before revealing what they actually want.

XNSPY can ensure that parents read through all their kid’s conversations on WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, Skype, iMessage and Kik. Not only chats, parents can also view call logs history and shared photos, videos and audio.

Even a minor sign of sexting wouldn’t be taken lightly. However, parents can take timely steps with XNSPY without things getting any worse than sexting.

Phone Logs Monitoring

Carrier calls and SMS services will never go obsolete (at least I don’t see it going obsolete in near future), and almost every smartphone user make use of these services. It’s pertinent not to leave the call logs and SMS conversations of your kid’s unmonitored.

XNSPY will also yet to monitor phonebook, calendar entries and even internet browsing history. This mobile spy app is the only next piece of tech that parents need to look at for now to keep their kids safe in the digital world.

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