Apr 22 2020
by Ella |
Comments Off on 3 Tips For Helping Your Child Cope With The Death Of A Loved One

Dealing with death is never easy. Not only are there logistical things that need to be taken care of, like the ready of a will or the handling of a trust, but there’s also the entire emotional aspect that needs to be slowly and carefully maneuvered as well.  While it’s only adults who will manage the logistical parts of death, children can and will be impacted by any death of someone they know, whether they were close to this person or not. However, having a loved...

Apr 07 2020
by Ella |
Comments Off on 3 Tips For Setting Up A Shared Bedroom For Your Kids

For many families, there will come a time when kids will be sharing a bedroom. Whether this is due to a lack of space, lessons to be learned, or other reasons, it’s really the way you set up the space that will prove how successful this experience will be for the entire family. To help you in doing this successfully, here are three tips for setting up a shared bedroom for your kids.  Create Some Separation Just because your kids are sharing a bedroom doesn’t...

Apr 01 2020
by Ella |
Comments Off on 3 Simple Tips To Sell Your Home Quickly

Selling your home can be a nerve-wracking process. If it’s the first time you’ve ever done it, then it can be a considerable amount of stress. The biggest fear most sellers have is that they won’t be able to sell it to anyone. When you have a considerable amount of things on the line, selling your house as fast as possible is ideal.   However, it doesn’t always play out that way. Sometimes despite doing as much as you can to have as fast of a...

Mar 25 2020
by Ella |
Comments Off on 3 Tips For Preparing Your Home And Garden For Warmer Weather

Now that we’re officially into spring, it’s time to start preparing your home and garden property for everything that warmer weather brings along with it. Depending on where you live, this could mean getting ready for a lot of heat, a lot of moisture, or something entirely different. Perhaps this is the year that you decide to get someone like Nance Services (https://nanceservices.net/oakland-ac-services/) in to install air conditioning so you can enjoy a cooler...

Mar 02 2020
by Ella |
Comments Off on 3 Tips For Keeping Your Kids Safe In Your Backyard

Now that winter is starting to give way to spring in many areas, it’s time to start getting your kids outside to enjoy some sunshine and fresh air.  For many parents, it can be a great break to have their kids playing outside on their own for a while. However, in order for you to feel comfortable sending your kids outside to play, you have to be sure that they’re going to be safe out there. To help you do this, here are three tips for keeping your kids safe in...

Feb 19 2020
by Ella |
Comments Off on 3 Ways To Rekindle Romance In Your Marriage

Its all too common a story. Two people meet and spark a fire that becomes a blazing fire of passion. It’s not long until they get engaged, and they envision a life forever together. However, as the years go by, they may have children together that take up most of their time. Perhaps they have busy jobs that keep them apart for many hours a week. Or maybe they’re just plain tired of each other. Whatever the cause, they lose the romance and passion in their...

Feb 13 2020
by Ella |
Comments Off on Your First 4 Home Improvement Projects

It’s time for home improvement! Are you excited? Are you intrigued about the possibilities? There are two types of people. There is the type who recognizes home improvement as a challenge to be overcome. And then there is the type that wants to stay as far away from home improvement is possible because it makes them anxious and agitated. But if you’re going to improve anything with your brainstorming and your skillset, your home might as well be first. So...

Feb 10 2020
by Ella |
Comments Off on 4 Tips For a Great Family Vacation

So, you’re planning a family vacation together, and you want to make sure that it’s just right! When there are children involved, it’s easy for things to go haywire, so planning ahead is the right choice! There are plenty of things to consider when planning your trip. Here are some of the best tips for making sure that the experience is a success. Do Some Research On Accommodation Accommodation is one of the most crucial things you need...

Jan 08 2020
by Ella |
Comments Off on Teething and Fever the Chances of These Two to Be Linked Together

“Signs and Symptoms of Primary Tooth Eruption: a Meta-Analysis,” a March 2016 study in Pediatrics that analyzed data from ten major studies in eight separate countries, states that while teething can be miserable for babies, it will not cause fevers. The symptoms of teething include irritability, drooling, and gum pain. While a baby may experience a slight rise in body temperature as well, it is not enough of an increase to be thought of as a fever. A temperature...

Dec 09 2019
by Ella |
Comments Off on 3 Ways To Keep Your Young Kids Safe From Bugs

Keeping your kids safe from harm can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Especially when your children are young, it can often feel like they seek out things that could potentially cause them to get hurt or sick, including playing with bugs. If you have a lot of dangerous bugs where you live, it’s important that you not only teach your kids how to interact with them, but that you also do your best to keep these bugs at bay.  To help you with this, here are three...

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