Why playing outdoors is an Important Part of Learning

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:25am by Ella

The outdoors is an important part of the development process in children. While children are surrounded by concrete, getting them into an environment that consists of different colours and space enable them to develop, learn and understand the natural environment. Many studies have been carried out that show that being outdoor helps their brain development as well as their body. Taking the children out of the classroom may seem like a backwards step but many schools are now being redeveloped in an attempt to incorporate different learning environments with the emphasis being placed on playgrounds.


Every child is different which means that different learning styles are required. Therefore, children with different learning needs will benefit from learning spaces and unique play. The STEAM vs STEM has gained a lot of interest in present times. STEAM education is essential because skills alone aren’t enough in the modern world; arts and humanities also play a prominent role in a child’s development. With new challenges taking over the world, the future adults ought to be creative enough to tackle them. This is where outside learning can improve and enhance their understanding through allowing them to interact with the natural world with the use of more visually stimulating and interesting subjects.

Physical activity also plays a part in the learning process and it can enhance academic performance. When children are allowed to use some of their pent up energy outside it will mean that they are likely to concentrate better in the classroom. This in turn leads to improved grades and results.

Practice makes perfect as they say and this is certainly the case when it comes to physical activity outdoors. Outdoor activity enhances motor skills and studies have found that those who practice their locomotor skills such as walking, running and jumping as well as their manipulative skills such as throwing and catching are more likely to enjoy physical activity. Improving and developing these skills will improve their confidence and this is where outside space can really help children to achieve.

Improved outdoor learning environments can enhance social and emotional development. When those playgrounds that have markings are used alongside a quiet playground program it was found that there was a decrease in bullying. This is because the children gain an understanding of space and respect.

Social development is crucial for children of all ages. It can teach them to interact and cooperate and this is why the right play equipment is crucial.

Cooperation is one of the most important tools we require as adults and ensuring that children learn to cooperate at an early age is vital. While we are individuals, we always rely on others at certain points in our lives. Outdoor equipment will allow children to create relationships where they listen and acknowledge the thoughts and ideas of others.

Having the ability to talk helps children to socialise and that is a skill and tool that they can carry with them through life. As children explore and investigate outdoor play areas it stimulates their imagination which leads to them discussing what they have found or what they should do with their friends.

We all have our own opinions, without them, the world would be a boring place. Children have to be able to express their ideas to other so that they can become socially creative. This in turn will allow them to talk with others and discuss ideas especially as they explore and pretend play.

Children make connections when developing and this in turn is enhanced by interacting in an outdoor space. In the classroom, children work separately at their desks but outdoors they interact and solve problems collectively. This instils a belief that they can achieve goals when they work together.

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