Prom: Rules For Parents

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:00am by Ella

Prom night is a confusing time for parents. You will be proud that your child has grown up and made it to graduation. It’s a major step in watching them develop into an adult. However, it is also a very scary time. You child is now old enough to make their own decisions and peer pressure is heavy on prom night. You will be worried about drinking, drugs and sex. That is completely normal, but as long as you are prepared, you can handle it.

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Prom night is particularly difficult because it’s a momentous occasion for students. They have achieved something amazing and they’ll want to celebrate. It’s a right of passage and they may see it as the turning point into adulthood. This means they will be open to ‘adult’ activities. As long as you have an open communication with your son or daughter and you set some ground rules, you’ll be fine. They’ll have a great time and you’ll feel confident they will act responsibly.


This should begin years before prom night. As your child hits adolescence, they will be exposed to drink and sex. It’s unavoidable. It’s your job to have an open communication with them about these topics. Make sure you teach them the importance of making decisions for themselves. Teach them the dangers of drugs and alcohol. Teach them safe sex and the importance of commitment and responsibility.

Have a family night in before prom evening. Sit them down have an open conversation. Ask them to remember all the things you talked about with alcohol, drugs and sex. Remind them to stick to their instincts and be careful. If you’ve had an open communication for years, they will trust this advice and follow it.


Lay a few ground rules. You know your child better than anyone else and are best suited to decide what they are. Try to allow them some freedom but if they’re a problem child or at risk of dangerous behaviour, stricter rules will be necessary. Make sure they know what those rules are. What time must the be home at? Should they text you at certain intervals? Let them enjoy themselves and experience some independence.

Contact Numbers and Timetables

The other parents will be just as worried as you, so speak to them about how they’re handling things. Make sure you’re the one to contact prom limo NJ and confirm exact times and locations. Make sure you have the contact number for your child’s date and some of their friends. Contact the school and get a timetable of events and know the address of the after party. Give your child a curfew and be up when they get home.

Follow these tips and your son or daughter will have an amazing, safe night. They’ll always remember this evening so try not to get in their way too much. An open communication is key. Remember, you should be talking to your kids about these issues years before prom.

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