Put the World’s Safest Trampoline in Your Backyard

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:27am by Ella

If you’re a parent, when it comes time for your children to head outside for some fun and fresh air, the first thing on your mind is their safety. Jungle gyms, slides, and even trampolines can be the cause of pain or injury — especially if they aren’t designed properly. According to the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission, traditional metal spring trampolines are responsible for the injuries of an estimated eight children per day, and hundreds of Australian hospital visits each year. This alarming statistic has led to numerous research studies on trampoline injury sources with a focus on redesign to create a safer environment for children who enjoy them. In 2012, the Journal of Pediatrics and Child Health released an article that focused on injury sources for a trampoline with equipment hazards. The research indicated that improved trampoline design can significantly reduce this severe proportion of injuries.

While the Australian trampoline industry may not be adapting swiftly enough, one company is staying ahead of the curve and setting a new bar in trampoline safety standards thanks to a new ground-up design that utilises flexible composite rods and a hidden frame instead of springs and exposed metal in order to significantly reduce the risk of injury. By positioning the rods beneath the jumping surface, it guarantees that jumpers never come into contact with the frames at all, while composite rods (in place of steel springs) ensure that children are never exposed to potential injury from standard trampoline springs.

This company is Springfree Trampoline, and their revolutionary design was the brainchild of a New Zealnder father and mechanical engineer who decided that his daughter deserved a safer alternative to traditional trampolines. His new design includes a SoftEdgemat which is 30 times more shock absorbent than traditional pads, and net enclosure designed with FlexiNet™ technology, which protects jumpers thanks to support from composite rods and not steel — providing unparalleled protection and cushioning. When it comes to net safety, traditional spring-based trampolines use rigid steel poles on their net enclosures, posing an additional risk to users. High tech flexible poles made from lighter but stronger materials to support trampoline netting coupled with a hidden-frame jumping surface have reduced product-related injury by 90%.

When looking to purchase a trampoline, there are many key factors to look for in a trampoline manufacturer and quality ranks just as high as safety on most people’s list of priorities. Springfree rigorously tests its components during the manufacturing process guaranteeing parts that will not degrade or deteriorate over time. While most trampolines begin to degrade within weeks of being exposed to backyard elements, a Springfree trampoline can withstand most backyard weather conditions without any component degradation. Therods and fabric will not deteriorate over time and can withstand thousands of hours of harsh sun exposure. Even in the rain or sun, thesetrampolinescan be left outside all year long without any adverse weather effects. This is an exciting upgrade from traditional trampolines that will show significant signs of wear and tear when exposed to extreme weather conditions.

Winner of the prestigious Parent Tested Parent Approved Award and the International Design Award, Springfree Trampoline Australia is an innovator and manufacturer you can trust. A leading-edge trampoline will provide a fun-filled activity for your whole family with a much lower risk of injury, so before you buy, be sure your trampoline is the safest in the country.