Quick Tips For An Easy Living Room Makeover

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:25am by Ella

With busy lives and energetic kids, it can be difficult to redesign your family or living room. Furniture, carpets and wall coverings can quickly become worn, damaged and tatty with a lively family. What you need is a quick and easy solution to breathing fresh life into your living spaces. It doesn’t need to break the bank, and it doesn’t need to rob you of that quality family time together either. Here are some quick and easy tips for a quick and easy makeover:

Floors – A good machine washable rug can hide a multitude of sins on your carpet or floor. Place it where there are signs of stains, or where the stains are most likely to occur. Pick colors that you can use on the walls and soft furnishings as well. Big patterns can create some style and interest as well.

Curtains – Machine washable curtains are much easier to come by these days. Pick a set that includes the color you are using elsewhere in the room. Choose a good curtain pole so you can put up almost any style of curtain quickly and easily. This is particularly handy when you’re ready for another change.

Walls – Keep all the walls in a light color that goes with everything. Then choose one wall to color brightly as a feature wall. This will be the one you change when you’re looking to freshen up the room each time. You can change the color to almost anything you like, just make it bold and vibrant. Alternatively, use a good wallpaper that is quick and easy to put up and take down again. Wall art on the other walls provides interest and color.

Lighting – Keep the lighting simple. Choose shapes like spheres or cubes to create interest in the room. If you have a ceiling fitting, why not look at sphere chandeliers to really create some impact? They are quite easy to change when the whim takes you and look instantly stylish and chic. Pick silvers and whites to be on trend this season.

Cushions – The great thing about cushions is the covers are washable and easily replaceable. This means you can easily change the color of your room with the cushions. Pick interesting patterns and textures to create interest. Your sofa may be a single color to go with anything, but the cushions are where you can identify your theme and style easily.


Thanks to Flickr for this pic

Furniture – Keep furniture simple in colors and styles that can go with any color scheme you set your heart on. Clarets and silvers are very popular this season. A table runner for the sideboard, cushions for the sofa and ornaments for the coffee table all bring your color palette to the fore. They can also hide any wear and tear, so the room still looks fresh and stylish.

Decorating doesn’t need to be a big job when you want a fresh new look. And you don’t need to splash out on replacing everything in the room. With pets and kids, it is sometimes best to be frugal and look at ways to cover the worst of it when refreshing a room. Sometimes all you need is a splash of new color to make it look like a brand new room.