How To Raise A Kind, Compassionate Child

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:00am by Ella

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When you have a child, you hope that they will be healthy and happy. You hope that they will grow up smart and forward thinking. Most of all, you hope that they will be kind and compassionate. However, these attributes can be taught from a young age. Don’t just hope! Shape your child’s understanding of compassion and empathy. They’ll grow into a kind-hearted, compassionate adult.

Many skills can be instilled in children at a young age. This ranges from basic motor skills to deeper, emotional connections and thought processes. You should teach your children the importance of kindness from their earliest years. Their early years are where they form their natural sense of understanding. If they learn it young, they learn it forever.

Lead by example

The best way for your child to learn kindness is to pick it up from you. As a parent, your child looks to you for everything. They copy you because it’s instinctive. You are their teacher and they will speak and act just like you do. When you are outdoors with your child, go out of your way to help someone. Show compassion and kindness on a day to day basis. Make sure your child is aware and explain to them why it was good to help someone.

Give them responsibilities

Teach them that kindness is especially important towards the elderly by giving them responsibility. Let them be in charge of fetching Grandma’s slippers or bringing Granddad his book. They could also be responsible for looking after a younger sibling. Little things like this will stick with your child and they will take this sense of kindness into adulthood.

Get a pet

A pet is also a great way to learn how to care for another. A pet must be treated with kindness every day or it risks becoming ill. You can start small with a rabbit or hamster. Both require daily care and responsibility. Eventually you could get a dog. Your child will grow a friendship with it and receive kindness back. Understanding the reciprocity of kindness is key.

Involve them in a charity

Charity and fundraising helps children understand the wider issues in the world. It gives them a sense of scale. They learn that kindness extends beyond family. There many less fortunate than themselves. Involving them in charities can help them feel a part of a wider community. Fundraising can also be fun for children. ABC Fundraising has a great list of ideas for kids to get involved with.

Finally, compassion and kindness can only truly be learnt when it is given back. As a parent you must treat your child with respect and kindness. This way they will to understand the feeling that comes with it. If they feel kindness from others, they are much more likely to pass it on. It is one of the most important things your child will learn. It will help them succeed in so many ways in later life. Help them develop it young and you’ll become a proud parent.

This article was provided by Odd Family Blog.