(Re-)Decorating According to Your Own Personal Taste Takes Time

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:25am by Ella

Ask any new homemaker or recently married couple just why it seems to be taking forever to complete all the decorations and they probably won’t have a straight answer for you. The seemingly neglected stacks of unopened wedding gift boxes aren’t collecting dust because of a lack of appreciation for them, but rather go unopened for seemingly long periods simply because it takes some time to truly turn a house into a home through interior decorations.

living room

Sure, wedding or new-home gifts are supposed to be practical, but perhaps that golden silk pillow-set you received in good faith is a bit too tacky for your liking, or maybe you feel as if all your best crockery isn’t worthy of being used alongside that expensive-looking silver cutlery set which looks so good that it somehow has to be displayed. On the other hand, those spot-on Marks & Spencer cushion covers might just be consistent with your personal style, but they make all other bedroom decorations look a bit out of place. You may even consider revamping your home in accordance with the festive season, if you are deciding on redecorating during that time that is! A few christmas cushion covers for your couch or some bed sheets to match your jolly mood might be a good option to explore as well!

Whatever your reasons for taking a bit of time to complete your interior decorating, don’t allow the seemingly slow progress to bother you because it does indeed take time to truly decorate your living spaces according to your personal taste.

It’s always better the Second Time Around

That’s what they say about love, but it definitely applies to decorating your home’s interiors. It’s much better decorating for the second, third or even the fourth time around. A re-decorated home is one which truly reflects one’s personal taste and style because at this stage you’ve probably had ample time absorb the true essence of your interior spaces in relation to your consolidated personality and character.You know what works and what doesn’t and you’ve probably also developed a knack for just looking at something and immediately being able to tell if it would find a good home in your interiors or not.

If you are decorating for the very first time, think of this exciting period in your life as a much-needed learning curve and don’t be afraid to experiment a bit, even if it means arranging and re-arranging everything weekly and in so doing, rapidly tearing through your wedding gifts.

Satisfying Expensive Taste on the Cheap

Have you ever noticed how hastily put-together interiors tend to bear the same look-and-feel, particularly those of homes located in close proximity to each other? It’s merely an indication of many of those homes housing interior decorations from the same manufacturers, sold through the same selection of neighbourhood outlets. On the contrary, the most well put-together interiors house goods sourced from far and wide, which would otherwise be a very expensive exercise if it wasn’t for the rather refreshing ability to buy household goods online. Visit the Neon Mama site, for example, for a huge range of unique neon lights. The more unique you can make your house, the bigger the wow factor will be.

You might very well be living on the other side of the planet, but are still all too well aware of the fact that your specific bedroom decoration requirements in line with your own personal taste can only be satisfied by cushion covers designed according to a specific UK small town style, perhaps by a manufacturer such as the Yorkshire Linen Co. Maybe these cushion covers are a perfect match for your old style Rousseau duvets in your main bedroom or they’re indeed a good fit for your guest room’s Italian-styled Giuliana Watercolour floral linens.

Either way, extensive mixing and matching in this way is definitely the way to go, but the point is it takes time, so stop worrying about what may feel like incomplete interior spaces.