Re-Doing Your Living Room for a More Homey Feel

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:19am by Ella

It’s naturally one of the most headache-inducing interior spaces to decorate mainly because it’s perhaps the centre-point of your home, but decorating your living room is indeed a lifelong commitment. A living room is never really totally complete because you’ll find yourself re-doing it in some way or another, more than once after you first decorate it. Whether you’re temporarily re-arranging and re-decorating for a specific function or event, or if you’re giving it a complete makeover to shake things up and give it a brand new look, you should always strive to maintain what can be a very illusive homey feel.


If your latest re-decoration attempt has your living room feeling a bit like a hotel lobby where everybody is scared to even sit wrong, there are some living room ideas you can effect to bring back that homey feeling without breaking the bank. Besides, you probably already spent a bit on the last re-decoration, but you still want to be satisfied with a true homey ambience that makes your living room feel like a place where every member of your household belongs, including the family pet, if you have one.

Add a fireplace

If the budget allows for it, there is perhaps nothing more effective in making a living room space truly feel like a sanctuary within a home quite like a fireplace. Some neatly arranged log wood will do the trick if it’s summer time, when there’s really no need to get a fire burning.

Add some artwork

A nice, big family portrait works the best to make a living room homier through art, but any form of art will do really, as long as it’s not too abstract.

Re-do one wall

Weather you paint it a different, softer colour or if you convert it to a stone wall, re-doing just one of the interior walls is often more than enough to bring back that homey feeling. It’d have to either be the wall which is essentially the focal point (perhaps the one where the artwork or television is mounted against) or it can be any wall which is directly in the eye-line of seated living room occupants.

Cushion the place up!

Adding cushions is an instant way to create more of an inviting living room space, especially if you’ve initially decorated with ultra-modern furniture. Do that in conjunction with replacing as much glass with more solid furniture as possible and you’ll almost instantly bring back that illusive homey feel to your living room.

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