Relax Mum, You Deserve It!

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:01am by Ella

Motherhood is a lifetime contract. Family needs are the priority, right? You become the cleaning woman, cook, laundry woman, gardener, tutor, driver, referee, dishwasher and a lot more! The list is endless, but it does not mean Mums never get tired.

All mothers must take a breather from household stuff. Relaxation will be good not just for the mum, but for the entire family. Being grouchy around your husband and kids because of exhaustion from all the household chores is not a good thing. Relationships get strained because mothers think they are superhuman!

To all Mums, take this simple advice – when you feel overwhelmed with housework or other family stuff, tell them they need to take care of things by themselves for a few hours or so. Why? Well, because you NEED time-off!

But what can you do during your self-imposed time-off? A lot! Here are some suggestions.


  1. Night out with old friends. Expensive? Not really. Just call some of your close friends and have a simple get together in a decent restaurant. A few hours enjoying the chit-chats and the giggles will lift your spirit! Remember, no kids!
  1. Remember the ‘good old days’ when you cannot wait for a sleepover with your best friend? Why not do it again? Set a weekend with your close friends, scout for a safe place, contribute to the food and stuff and just enjoy the weekend with them. Again, no family members during sleepover!
  1. Arts and craft day. If the first two suggestions aren’t feasible, then try joining a group and do some artwork or craft work for a day. Invite a friend who is also interested to join the fun. A few hours doing things you love will make you relax and recharge. Sometimes, these events happen in your own community. All you need is to find them and sign in.


  1. Book sharing day. If reading books are your interest, then set up a book sharing day. Invite some of your friends and neighbours to join the gathering. Basically, the only requirement is to bring your favourite book and tell them all about it. It is best if they have read the book too. With some crisps and drinks around, time will pass by quickly and everyone in the group will have a great time.
  1. Game time. If you feel like playing while relaxing at home, then try on-line bingo games.  Where to play new bingo sites? Research and find out! And, if you want an extra £1000 for shopping, check out wink bingo! Actually, you can use the money for shopping, or, if you’re anything like me, to invest in a gym to get rid of those bingo wings you’ve been plagued with for the last decade…

Five ideas to choose from for a well-deserved break! Motherhood is a lifetime contract, but you don’t need to do hard labour! Relax, breathe and take a break once in a while. Look for an activity you like doing and enjoy it. Your family will be glad you did!