The Most Relaxing Theme Park Holidays for Families

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:01am by Ella

Theme parks aren’t usually thought of as places to go for chill out time with the family, with images of terrifying, dramatic roller coasters and loop the loops typically being conjured up by most people. However, these days the resorts offer a little bit of something for everyone, with family-friendly rides, events, and restaurants catering for all ages.

In other words, even though it’s autumn, there’s still plenty of fun to be had at the UK’s very best theme parks, with discount prices for children available and a chance for adults to kick back and have everything done for them (for a change). So take a look at the following locations and consider them for a relaxing theme park holiday – a short break every family can enjoy.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Starting things off with arguably the most famous seaside resort in England, this is a theme park UK beach fans all love as it’s right next to the (what feels like, at least) world famous Pleasure Beach. This area alone offers three piers which are crammed full of family entertainment and the chance to unwind.

There’s also the enormous theme park, of course. Many of the rides on offer and children friendly (such as Wallace and Gromit’s attraction or the SpongeBob SquarePants offering!) and there are other family friendly options available. In addition, you’ll find there are shows and restaurants available to help you unwind, and the Big Blue Hotel is the famous on-site accommodation.

Blackgang Chine

The oldest theme park in the UK, this is situated on the Isle of Wight and so offers plenty of relaxing views across the ocean and local wildlife. With its lovely setting and sedate rides and attractions (compared to other resorts, at least, there’s still a roller coaster!) make this a real treat.

It will also get you to a new location on the Isle of Wight, and with the likes of fun mazes, an incredible amount of local history (the resort first opened in 1836), and much more, there’s a great deal to get up to. You can read more about this adventure park on the Visit Isle of Wight website.

Alton Towers

Although it’s home to some spectacular rides and is currently in its Halloween season (ending on the 31st October), the perfect way to relax is take a short break at one of the Enchanted Village Woodland Lodges. This is great for families and offers 5 rooms and plenty of children’s play areas, as well as amenities and restaurants such as the Crooked Spoon. Plus, there’s a massive great big theme park just around the corner!

The theme park has a spa, so you can spoil yourself here with aqua relaxation rooms (which features a pool, whirlpool, and effervescent footbaths), however this is shut until June 2017 for refurbishment! However, there are still plenty of treatments, lunches, and items to buy to help you wind down, along with the opportunity to walk around the resort, which is set in a rather idyllic location.


This theme park in Windsor is a treat for all ages, especially those who have played with LEGO at least once in their life. There’s the on-site hotel you can stay at which features many facilities, such as a swimming pool and pirate themed indoor play area.

For adults, you’ll find food and drink available, but the main appeal is the resort which offers LEGO themed rides and attractions which aren’t overly strenuous and yet will thrill your little ones. It’s well worth a visit simply for the LEGO, frankly, which will brighten your day and help you have a permanent smile on your face. This unofficial LEGOLAND Guide will provide you with all the hints and tips you need about this resort.

GreenWood Forest Park

Situated in Wales with plenty of camping, caravanning, or glamping opportunities (the latter is camping but with creature comforts). This is actually an environmentally friendly resort, so it’s a great chance to teach your kids about the importance of looking after the planet.

It’s also a lot of fun. You can stay via camping, caravanning, and glamping (the ultra-posh version of camping). Set in the Welsh countryside, it’s a pleasant location and features a solar powered slide, a human powered green dragon roller coaster, Moonkarts, and 70 metre sledge run. There’s also a barefoot trail which allows everyone to get their feet wet and enjoy the natural world away from the hassles of modern technology.

Whilst you’re in North Wales, you can also look at this attractions of Snowdonia list so you can double up on your visit with seeing a few other activities to see and do, such as the Anglesey Sea Zoo, Gypsy Wood, and the Fun Centre (where there is a lot of fun, evidently).