Road Safety 101: 3 Rules to Remember When Travelling With Your Family

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:01am by Ella

Travelling with your family offers a wonderful opportunity to bond and share experiences with one another. As parents of small children know, with each mile driven, new memories are being made. After all, children are only small for such a short time and soon they’ll be doing their own thing. However, preparing for a family day trip requires more than your special itinerary or list of games you plan for the road. It requires the proper maintenance of your vehicle to ensure a safe drive.

Between 2014 and 2015, there were approximately 54 children fatalities in the UK, increased by 2%, according to the Brake organisation. To better prepare for your travel, you must do a few tasks before departure. If you want to avoid potential issues along the way, aim to sort out the details before you leave.
Ensure Your Vehicle is in Excellent Condition

Aside from having your semi-annual check-up, take your vehicle to a mechanic to inspect all safety measures. Ensure that all tyres are in great condition and fluids are topped off. Clean your taillights, headlights, signal lights, and even your windows. After all, you want to have a great vision of all angles.

Keep a disaster supply kit, a pair of battery jumpers, and a spare tyre in your truck in the event of a sudden accident. The Tyre Safe organisation suggests that 58% of used tyres have defects as many UK drivers are not servicing their vehicles regularly or even conduction simple monitoring. In which case, all drivers should follow their manufacturer’s recommended schedule and have any anomalies assessed by an expert.

Plan Your Route Strategically

Planning a day trip to Snowdonia? Before leaving for your destination, research the current weather, and the best routes to get there. Keep in mind that traveling with a younger family can be exhausting, even for the little ones. So, plan a few stops to see the sights, take family photos, visit the loo, and stretch your legs. If you need glasses to drive then it is important to make sure that they are on you at all times as well as a spare pair as your eyes will become very tired, however, if you find this a worry to keep remembering them or they have broken too frequently on road trips from stopping and starting and moving the luggage around, it may be wise to look into SMILE eye surgery to correct your eyesight so it is one less worry to think about on your trip. Planning is incredibly important for some time away so why not plan 10 steps ahead, you will then have one less thing to pack before you go.

Prepare the Essentials

Packing enough snacks and water might be the most obvious, but most families tend to forget the essentials such as clothing, maps, and even extra fuel. Be sure to pack enough food and daily needs for at least two to three days. Once you realise your supplies are getting low, replenish them when possible.

Prepare for your family trip before you even leave can be arduous. That’s because it is impossible to prepare for every challenge that you may face on the road. By planning ahead, you can stay on route, reduce the risks of road dangers, and keep your family safe.