Sending Shipments Abroad this Winter: What to Look For in a Delivery Service

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:25am by Ella

UK shoppers are set to dispel the economic gloom this winter, by spending more than any other European nation. This represents a significant surprise, while it has also delighted retailers who were expecting a difficult period of declining profitability. If you are one of the thousands UK residents who is looking to spend heavily this festive season, however, you will need to ensure that shipment and delivery costs do not become too overwhelming. This will require you to partner with a viable delivery service, and one that has an international distribution network.

What to look for in a Delivery Service this Christmas

With this in mind, what factors should you look for in a delivery service this Christmas? Consider the following ideas: –

A Strong Distribution Network

Your friends and family may be located throughout the world, meaning that cost of shipping goods can become extortionate. This is especially true if you partner with less renowned firms, as this will mean that each is restricted in terms of areas that they can reach so you will be forced to use several firms. If you partner with a globally renowned firm such as TNT Direct that has a strong distribution network, however, you can ship your goods through a single service provider in a bid to reduce costs and guarantee value for money. As long as they have an efficient system in place in terms of fleet management and other services, you are good to go!

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Innovative Promotions and Offers

In terms of innovation and promotions, leading firms often lead the way. TNT provides a relevant case in point, as they recently embarked on a marketing campaign that offered customers the opportunity to ship a single package anywhere in Europe free of charge. While there restrictions in terms of the size and scope of the parcel, this and similar offers enable you to save money and reduce the overall cost of sending goods. This cannot be ignored, as even seemingly minimal savings can make a significant difference.

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Firms with Good Communication Skills

Ultimately, it is inevitable that things will occasionally go wrong with our shipments. This may or may not cost us money, but it will certainly cause frustration and potentially mean that a loved one misses out on receiving their present. It is therefore imperative that you partner with a firm that has reputable communication skills, as they will at least communicate any issues ahead of time and enable you to create a contingency plan. This may prove crucial, especially during such a busy time of the year.