Sights, Sounds, and Sun: San Francisco Offers Plenty of Great Experiences for Families

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:26am by Ella

San Francisco is much more than the Golden Gate Bridge, although surely you’ll want to make a stop there. In reality, it’s NorCal’s premiere playground for families that travel with kids. Let your little ones grow, learn, and enjoy all that San Francisco has to offer; chances are, you’ll have a ball as well.

Learning Experiences 

Part of the reason we want to take our children to different places is that it provides a more authentic, real-world education. A lot of this comes down to the observation of other lifestyles and cultures, but travel gives them the chance to visit some of the world’s best children’s museums as well. Forgo boring textbooks and easily forgotten lessons – museums will help your kids stay engaged and excited while they learn.

For instance, the Children’s Creation Museum offers workshops for kids in animation, music production, and more. The Exploratorium is a great stop for your little scientist, who’ll get the chance to perform all kinds of little experiments, and learn how science and nature go hand in hand.

Or hit up the California Academy of Sciences, which features a planetarium, rainforest, and thousands upon thousands of animals. If parents would like a chance to learn a thing or two as well, try on the de Young Museum. Parents can tour the sculpture garden and enjoy fine art while the kids take a weekend art lesson.

Nothing but Fun 

Take the short trip from Fisherman’s Wharf Marriott to Pier 39. There’ll be so much to do and see, it might be your family’s favorite point of interest in San Francisco. A stunning, expansive aquarium holds tens of thousands of sea creatures, while the mirror maze is both challenging and exhilarating. Sail around the bay and visit historic Alcatraz prison, or treat yourselves to an unparalleled 7D theater experience.

If the kids take to sailing quickly, take advantage of the various short cruises and water taxis available to tourists. Don’t just see the Golden Gate Bridge from the shore – sail right underneath it! And of course, no landlubber’s tour of San Fran would be complete without a ride in a streetcar.

For a cultural experience, cart the family over to Chinatown – the largest and oldest Chinese district in the country. Take a tour of the fortune cookie factory, but don’t forget to head into the kite shop before you go. Brilliant, handcrafted kites are perfect for fun in one of the city’s many open-air parks.

Speaking of parks, the Golden Gate Park, where the de Young Museum is located, is a great spot to let the kids roam and play. There’s a lake, gigantic slides, a carousel, and sometimes, an actual herd of buffalo.

Honestly, there’s too much to cover in one short trip. There’s so much education and entertainment to be had by families, making this city a top contender for becoming your families’ annual getaway. With the number of museums, parks, water features, restaurants, and other points of interest, you’ll never get tired of exploring San Francisco.

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