Spice up Your Kitchen with These 2017 Interior Design Ingredients

Posted on May 21 2019 - 4:59am by Ella

For those looking to elevate the design of their kitchen and make it more modern, we have listed the top kitchen design trends that are likely to win over the 2017.


Going Simple

Arranging your décor in a simple way isn’t the same as being minimalistic, although there is nothing wrong with minimalism. Comfort seeking is getting increasingly popular and in order to find it, people often look to the past. We’re talking about British basic, Shaker and updated country styles that will not only satisfy any vintage enthusiast, but will also supply you with the very essence of functionality. The lack of chic items will actually make your kitchen atmosphere warm, inviting and authentic.

Refreshing Sinks and Cabinets

Basic white and stainless steel hues are losing in popularity. Exchanging bleak and tedious with something eye-catching and lively is the way to go. Sinks and kitchen cabinets are more than enough for this – painting them in a joyful color can go a long way in bringing your kitchen to life, without creating too strong an effect.

Quartz Worktop

Upgrading from laminate to quartz has been one of the most prominent trends in 2016 and it is likely to remain popular throughout 2017 – material quality and value are becoming an increasingly important factor when choosing a worktop. This is largely owing to the fact that quartz is no longer as expensive as it used to be, due to the development of composite surfaces – natural stone is now very much an affordable option for kitchen surfaces.


Worktops shouldn’t be crowded with cooking paraphernalia unless a meal is being prepared. In order to rid your kitchen of excess clutter, functional and efficient cabinetry is a must. An efficient cabinet includes shelves and compartments for everything, from spices, seasonings and oils, to paper towels and teabags. Ridding your kitchen of clutter plays a key role in making it appear more spacious, which is always a plus when it comes to design.

The New Fridge

Although refrigerators do tend to last longer than the period between now and your last home remodel, the old technologies should by all means be replaced when and if necessary. So, if your fridge is experiencing leaks or is completely broken, you’re bound to ask yourself: am I looking at a replace or repair? If your refrigerator is more than a decade old, but is running smoothly, there is no real need to buy a new one; however, if it is pretty much ancient and isn’t working properly, opting for a smart fridge might be a costly option, but definitely a smart one!

Buying the Range Cooker

If you’re looking for something that is at the same time extremely functional and conserves space, opt for a range cooker – it’s a kitchen centerpiece which combines a large oven (sometimes even two) with multiple functions that can defrost, fan grill, brown and fan assist, in addition to having a high-powered grill. You can choose between a dual-fuel, gas and an electric one, according to your preference. This piece of kitchen equipment has been popular last year and is likely to experience a boom over the course of the current one.

These kitchen interior design ingredients all combine aesthetics, functionality and affordability into a single room. Simplicity, usefulness, quality materials and appliances are the name of the game when it comes to the 2017 kitchen design.