Summer Holiday Activities for Kids – Keeping Them Fit and Healthy

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:01am by Ella

It’s that time of year again – the dreaded summer holidays! With six whole weeks to try and keep your kids entertained, it can feel like an impossible and stressful task keeping them active.


These days, technology plays a large role in our kids’ lives. It’s all about video games and hours spent staring at screens. Getting them outdoors can be difficult, but the good news is there are plenty of summer activities which can encourage your kids to get outside, keeping them fit and healthy. Below you’ll discover some of the best summer activities to consider.

Martial arts classes

When you’re thinking of summer activities, martial arts probably aren’t the first thing which spring to mind! However, there are a lot of benefits that come from martial arts classes, including helping to keep them fit. It also helps to teach them how to defend themselves when necessary; something that can give both you and them a lot of reassurance and confidence.

The physical benefits of martial arts include increased flexibility, stamina and strength. It’s also excellent at teaching self-discipline. You’ll find a wide range of martial arts classes for kids run in your local area throughout the summer months.


Skateboarding is something kids have been doing for decades, yet it has died down a little since the introduction of social media! It’s a fantastic way to keep your kids fit and healthy and comes with a range of benefits. Just some of these benefits include a full body workout, builds up physical endurance, improves co-ordination and increases flexibility.

If you’re struggling to convince your kids to take up skateboarding, why not convince them with new skating clothing? Brand new Heelys shoes for example, look extremely cool and are bound to get your kids excited to try them out.


If all else fails, swimming is an excellent summer activity your kids will love. It works out all of the muscles of the body and what’s most important is that it’s fun! Most kids love to swim and the reassuring news for parents is that it poses a low risk of injury compared to other summer sports. If you do take them swimming, be sure to reapply sunscreen if it’s a hot, sunny day.

If your kids love swimming and you live near the beach, then you could also sign them up for surf camps if that is something they would enjoy. While making them familiar with the ocean, learning to surf also helps them develop motor coordination skills. Not just that, but they also get to learn a new sport in a supervised environment and have fun doing it. Many surf camps like Everyday California have packages that you can choose from, based on how much time and money you think you should spend on these sessions. Discuss this idea with your kids and see how excited they get – that should make your decision for you.

Overall these are just three ideas you can use to keep your kids healthy and happy this summer. There are so many activities you can partake in, with most of them being very budget-friendly. Of course, encouraging your kids to get out of the house and to stay active also gives you a much-needed break!