Summer “Homework” For The Kids

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:21am by Ella

While most of summer may be all about vacations, swimming, and family time, some of that family time can be used working on your home and yard. It can be easy and rewarding to have your children get involved on home improvement projects.

Obviously you need a professional to help you install new windows, but there are plenty of other home improvement and yard improvement things children can help with. Not only will it give them something to do, but it may also allow them some extra time outside and some extra family time.

Home Improvement Yard Work For Kids

Your yard is part of your home, so you want to make sure it looks good all summer long. Once winter gets here it may end up covered in snow, depending on where you live. The first step in getting kids to help out is to make sure you are giving them tasks that are safe for their age range.


Young ones may only be able to help with weeding, or maybe watering the garden or flowers if they can handle the hose. older children can help with much more, like mowing and doing trim work.

To make it an educational experience, do some landscaping and have your children help you plant some butterfly bushes, or other plants that attract certain animals. You can do the research together to find out what attracts what.

Inside The Home Projects For Kids

On rainy days, or days that are just too hot to go outside, you can give kids something to do by having them help with indoor home improvement projects. It’s likely there’s plenty to do inside your house on any given day, especially if you are working to make some changes.


If you have painting to do enlist your kids to help out. Not only is painting something fun and easy they can do, but they can also help your put painter’s tape around areas that need it and they can help get the plastic on the floor.

If you are getting new carpet, cupboards, or anything that may leave a mess on the bare floor, have them sweep up in between steps. Once you have a new carpet in let them vacuum. Or, once your new shelving is up have them clean any dust and debris off counters.

Not only does helping out on home repairs and improvements help kids stay busy and learn new things, but it also might give them a new idea for a future career. You may find you have a budding landscape artist, home design expert, or even home builder on your hands.

Plus, you’ve given your child some great stories to tell when school starts back up and their teacher asks what they did or learned over summer vacation!