Taking Your Kids Camping for the First Time: 5 Tips to Read

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Summer vacations will soon be here and you’re probably worried about how you’ll keep your little ones entertained this year. If you’ve never taken your kids camping before, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t try it out this time!

Camping is a great way to get kids to fall in love with nature and the many sensory experiences it offers- fresh air, wonderful scenery, star-lit nights, and wildlife (if they’re lucky to catch a glimpse or two). A camping trip can also teach your kids to appreciate the simple joys of life that they may otherwise take for granted, like having access to hot showers, flush toilets, and more.

What’s more, camping needn’t be an expensive affair, so there is possibly no reason to back out! If you don’t know how to go about planning and executing your first camping trip with kids, help is at hand. Read on for some tips.

Stay Close to Home

Camping with kids can be difficult if not done right, so don’t add to your troubles by undertaking a long road trip too. Avoid venturing far away from home and you will not only be able to reach the campsite on time, but you will also have much of your sanity intact.

And yes, the kids will be less cranky as well!

Don’t Overdo It

Camping for a week might seem like fun if you and your partner used to camp a lot before you had kids. However, it’s a different ballgame altogether when you have kids with you, especially when they are going camping for the first time.

You don’t know if your kids have inherited the shared love for camping you and your partner have. So take it slow and identify what activities each kid likes or doesn’t like. For example, your younger kid might enjoy going fishing while the older one might just want to stay put in the lap of nature with an activity book.

Identifying the likes and dislikes of each one of your kids will help you plan better for future trips.

Aim for Comfort

Camping isn’t meant to be an ultra-luxurious affair but by keeping a few things in mind, you can definitely make your kids’ first camping trip as comfortable as possible. After all, you don’t want them to be put off by the whole thing, do you?

Make sure the tent is large enough for your family; a good tent is one thing you must never scrimp on. You’ll also need to be equipped with camping gear like flashlights, glow sticks, sleeping bags, coolers, a camping stove, fuel, fire-starting materials, etc. If you don’t have these things and you’re on a budget, don’t worry as you’ll find plenty of shops that rent tents and camping gear.

Pick a camping site that has a few amenities like bathrooms and toilets, and that meets other basic requirements. If one or all of your kids love their gadgets and you pick a camping site that doesn’t have electricity, you’re definitely heading for trouble!

Do stock up on bug repellants, moisturizers, and sunscreen. You don’t have to carry huge bottles or containers; buy smaller packs or get free samples so as to not overload your bags.



Involve the Kids

Get kids involved right from the beginning- even when you’re planning the trip. Talk to them about all they’ll get to see and do, ask them if they’d like to take anything particular to the campsite, and what activities they’d like to indulge in.

Kids love having their own things packed separately so give them a bag each to pack a few of their things. Make a list of all things they will need to pack and hand it over to them so they can pack their own bags. Do check if they’ve got all they need before you leave though!

Also involve kids in deciding on the toys, games, and activity books they’d like to take along. Discuss what meals and snacks you’ll be taking and have each kid pick a favorite snack or dessert.

When you get to the campsite, give your kids age-appropriate chores to do. Perhaps your 4-year old can help you slip tent poles into the fabric and your 8-year old can help collect firewood. Getting water from the pump, blowing mattresses, sweeping the tent, or pulling out sleeping bags are some other tasks older kids can easily do.



Safety First

With kids in tow, you may want to pick a campsite that isn’t near any water body or situated deep in the woods. Choose a campsite that is relatively safe and be sure to keep an eye on younger kids at all times.

Teach older kids to not venture far away from the campsite. Equip all kids, your partner, and yourself with whistles and instruct kids to blow their whistles if they get lost or are in danger.

Before you decide on a campsite, do speak to a park ranger about wildlife activity in the area you’re considering to camp. And don’t forget that first-aid box!


With the tips given here, you now know that camping with kids doesn’t have to be all that difficult. Use the tips given here, and you and your kids are sure to love every moment of it.

So quit worrying about the upcoming summer vacations and set about planning your kids’ first camping trip!

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