The Hardest Things To Talk To Teens About

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:26am by Ella

OK. If you are the parent of a teen it’s likely you already know that it’s hard to talk to your teen about anything at all. They are teenagers, they are on a different wavelength than you. Sure, you were once a teenager yourself, but every generation is different.


There are many things that you need to talk to your kids about. The good, the bad, and even the ugly stuff you don’t really feel comfortable talking about (which is what you’ll read about below). It’s not all bad though, since you get to talk to them about falling in love, about making and saving money, and even about careers and dreams.

Teaching your children the easier stuff isn’t always easy either. If you are a struggling family that lives paycheck to paycheck it can be hard to get your kids listen to your money advice. And, if you’ve put them through divorce then talking about love can be hard as well. But not as difficult as the following.


Talking about sex is far more embarrassing for your child than it is for you, which is something important to remember. You don’t want them to grow up thinking that sex is embarrassing, so keep calm and talk to them. If you don’t tell them your feelings on sex they will learn from someone else.

Be honest, and don’t be threatening. Let them know that sex is something special you do with someone you love, but it isn’t love. And teach them about teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases. Let them know that when they are ready they need to be safe.


Even harder to discuss than sex is the use of drugs, especially if you used them yourself. The important thing is that you don’t use your drug use in your conversation. Instead, tell your children about the bad things that can happen when you take drugs.

Not only do you risk addiction and death, but going through rehab is no picnic. Teens usually relate well to their favorite actors, actresses, and musicians, so use some of them as examples of the negative effects of drugs, like losing jobs, relationships, kids, and their lives. Also mention the cost of drugs.

Drinking And Smoking

If you are a drinker or a smoker, it can be really difficult to get your children to understand why these things are bad for them, since you do it. It pays to quit yourself. But even if not, you can at least explain the legal aspects of age laws for both.

It is still wise to go over the health benefits of not doing either of these bad habit, even if you do them yourself. Talk about the cost of smoking and drinking, monetary and health costs.

And remember, your teen is listening, even if it doesn’t seem like they are.