They want to sleep. You want to work. What should you do?

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:02am by Ella

I’m sure it happened to you as often as it is happening to me. It was a busy weekend, with visits paid, a picnic, a lot of shopping and similar time-consuming things, which left me with no time to finish some chores around the house. Today it’s raining, making all the family drowsy. All, but me – I’m always the most diligent when it’s raining outside. Besides, with nowhere to go, I would have time to clean, to wash, to… wait, no can do. They are sleeping. What now?


A Hungarian friend told me once that there are only two things one can do while it’s raining – sleep or count money. I don’t have that much cash on me – I usually use plastic – and I don’t feel like sleeping. Working is out of the question – the constant clickety-click of the keyboard is loud enough to wake the neighbors. Vacuuming is also a no-no, for the same reason as above. So, let’s find some active way to relax until the boys and girls wake up. But what?


I love to play on my brand new tablet computer. It’s slim, lightweight and and super responsive. But what should I play? Something that could help me relax, basic enough not to require too much thought, but still worth my time. I know – Royal Vegas and its collection of mobile casino games.

The Royal Vegas is my favorite place to go on such rainy afternoons. It gives me enough material to play with. It has more than 100 games I can choose from when using my tablet, and hundreds more if I load it up on my computer. When it’s raining, I usually load the Cash Splash, one of my favorites that lets me go back to basics, reminding me of my years as a rebellious youngster, playing at the fruit machines at the local pub. And when I don’t feel like spinning the reels, I can find enough card games or casual titles to fill my time. And there are some extra benefits hidden underneath the fun I have while playing here. Aside from the fact that it gives me hours of playtime, the Royal Vegas also fills my pockets with cash from time to time. I am yet to hit the jackpot at the Royal Vegas, but I won’t lose hope (wink!).

Alas, the rest of the family awakens! Time to set the tablet aside and get down to more serious business. Out with the vacuum, let it wake the neighbors – my family is awake, so it’s time to catch up on the chores I postponed long enough.