This year I’m going to make my kids Winter Jumpers – Here’s why

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:24am by Ella

Another winter is going to be knocking on our door soon. As a parent that always did beyond the maximum for my kids I am setting up a mission called the best hand to keep you warm is mom’s hands. My mission was to make Christmas jumpers for my kids, to some this is not big challenge but to me it is the first time I am jumping into jumpers. Natural pure wool, soft, top quality is what I already found to be used as material to work with. Unlike many people that have never considered the dangers of chemicals contained in their clothing that they not only wear for hours daily but they also inhaled these chemicals into their lungs and absorb them into their skin  in my case this is always the thing that I am concerned about, I wake up with it every morning.


So, made by mom’s hands and healthy to wear – this is why I am making my kid’s winter jumpers. Winter days are slow, there is no activities, no grass to play on, no pool to swim, cold and freezing days are less ambitious and colorful jumpers can be real refreshing for eyes, effecting our mood and making our hearts to start beating a bit faster showing how exciting colors can be in those snow white days.

Part of my plan originally was to get different colors of wool and to find a perfect knitting pattern matching colorfulness and size of jumpers for my children. My first knitting project was to learn how to knit, after I gathered my tools and supplies I made 20 stitches cast on using the wrap method, wow, next step was forming the knit stitches.

I do not know how but I made it at first attempt, after practicing more later on I figured how to make it, put the needle with the stitches in your left hand and the empty needle in your right hand. Hold the needle however feels comfortable for you, place the tip of the right needle into the stitch at the top of the left needle from front to back, wrap the yarn coming from the ball around the right needle counterclockwise, then pull that loop of yarn through in front of the left needle and slide the original loop off the left needle.

Continue in this same method until all the stitches from the left needle have been worked and are on the right needle, and do not worry if your stitches aren’t even and perfect; that will come with practice. Knitting the second and all subsequent rows is exactly the same as the first. When I finally was making quality squares of my projects I had to now bind it off. It is also “simple thing to do”. First you knit two stitches in the normal way, then use your left-hand needle tip to pick up the first stitch you knit and slide it up and over the second stitch you knit and the tip of the right knitting needle, leaving one stitch on the needle.

Continue in this manner until you’re down to one stitch on the right needle and none on the left. Cut your yarn that’s attached to the ball, leaving 6 inches or so. Slide that last loop off the knitting needle and thread the yarn through it. Pull tight and you’re done!

The smile on my kids face was the best price I could get for hard work, learning and having my children warm this upcoming winter.