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Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:01am by Ella

Timber is a beautiful material that can be used for many projects such as cladding, decking, pergolas, fencing, flooring and much more. Read this blog to find out the top facts about timber which could influence your choice in materials in the future.

  1. Versatile – timber is very adaptable and can be used for a vast amount of applications from architraves to gazebos to skirting.
  1. Insulator – timber provides natural insulation and its five times better than concrete.
  1. Long lasting – a timber building will last as long as a brick building.
  1. Biodegradable – all wood is biodegradable which means it can break down into natural materials in the environment without causing harm.
  1. Sustainable and renewable – this means that the timber has come from a well-managed forest which replant trees after they are harvested.
  1. Hardwood and softwood – this term describes the leaves, seeds and structure of the tree rather than the type of timber they produce.
  1. Only 12% of the UK is woodland. In comparison other European countries have around 44% woodland areas on average.
  1. Uses – timber is a great material to use in construction, but it also commonly used for many types of sports and leisure equipment.
  1. Removes carbon – using timber can remove carbon from the atmosphere. Trees absorb carbon very rapidly while they are growing and absorb less as they age.
  1. Trees can take up to 30 years before they reach full size.

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