The Ultimate Day Out Survival Kit For Any Modern Family

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:21am by Ella

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We love going on day trips as a family. Exploring new places and going to attractions is a great way to bond as a family. When you go to see things alone, you can travel light. When you are on a trip as a family, you need to take a whole range of items to make sure that you get through the day without any fuss. When you’re planning a day trip, make sure you take the essentials. If you have small children, you need to make sure that you have everything you need to see to their needs. Creating a survival kit that you can take anywhere with you, will mean that you prepare yourself for anything. Here is the ultimate day out survival kit.


If you learn one thing from being a parent, it’s that kids are mucky. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, your children will find a way to make a huge mess. Make sure that you always have a tissue on you so that you can clean up your little ones fast.


If you are planning to take a long car journey, you need a way to keep your children busy. If your children are old enough, take a range of books for them to read. Encouraging your children to read from an early age is a great way to introduce them to the world of literature. Children have a short attention span. That means that they often find car journeys dull. Giving them something to do while you’re driving will mean they spend less time moaning during the journey.

Spare Clothes

Accidents happen. That is a fact of life. If you have young children, they might have a little accident or spill things on their clothing. Having some spare clothes on you will mean that you can deal with any situation. When children make a mess, remember not to tell them off too much. Childhood is a messy time, and so you shouldn’t get angry at your little ones.

Nappies and a Mat

When you have a baby, and you’re going out, you must always take nappies with you. Essential baby supplies, such as nappies, are always a must. That much is obvious. One thing many mothers forget is that you won’t always have access to a baby changing room. Carrying a changing mat with you will mean that you can change your baby no matter where you happen to be. It is shocking how many modern attractions still don’t provide baby changing rooms. With a fold away baby mat, you can make sure that you can change your baby’s nappy no matter what.

Baby Wipes

You need to carry baby wipes in case you need to change your child’s nappy, but the wipes are useful for many other things too. Having baby wipes means that you can clean up any messes your children make when you’re out and about. For example, children tend to get their food everywhere except in their mouths. Having some baby wipes on you means that you can clean up your children’s faces and hands after they eat.

Disinfectant Gel

Disinfectant hand gel is an absolute lifesaver. Having the gel in your bag means that you can clean up in seconds. If you are visiting the zoo or animal enclosure, having the gel will mean that you and your family can clean your hands. Animals carry loads of germs and bacteria. Young children have low immune systems. That is why it is vital that you keep your children’s hands clean.


When your children’s blood sugar drops, they will start to get restless. When you are on a day trip, you can’t always have lunch when you want it. Your children might have to wait until you find the right place or until a restaurant has a table. Take a few snacks for your children in your bag so that you can curb their hunger at any time. One of the best snacks you can carry is an apple. Apples have natural sugars, which will help to give your children a glucose boost. That means that when your children eat apples, they get a burst of energy. Fruit is preferable to sugary snacks, and gives your children the same fast burst of energy.


Young children get sleepy fast. When you and the family have been busy all day, it will tire your children out, and they will want to sleep. If you take blankets in your bag, your children can sleep on the way back home. Take small blankets that you can fit in the boot of your car or your bag. The blankets have many uses. If you decide to have a spontaneous picnic, you will have a blanket to sit on in the park.


Taking mini-games, such as Monopoly or Connect Four, will help to entertain your children. If you are on a long day trip and your children have nothing to do, they will start being naughty. Taking some travel games with you on your journey will mean that you always have a way to entertain your children. Most toy shops now sell travel versions of popular children’s games. You can slip these small games in your bag so that you always have something for your children to do. If you are driving  for a long time, your children can even play a game in the car while you drive.

First Aid Kit

Many children tend to be accident-prone. Having a first aid kit with you at all times is essential when you have children. You can buy a small first aid kit from your local pharmacy or chemist. Make sure that you have plasters, antiseptic cream and scissors in the kit. Having the kit with you on your day trip, means that you can deal with any small bumps or falls. Of course, if your children have a bad accident, you will need to take them to the doctors.

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