Watch Out! Kids with Scooters Up Ahead!

Posted on May 21 2019 - 4:59am by Ella

Temper tantrums and a semi-final no!

Yes, yes and still another yes! My daughter Esme is now in the “Terrible Two” stage! I can just imagine the fun time I will have in convincing her to eat (No!), take a bath (No!) and brush her teeth.  Luckily, the tantrums and the ‘No’ answers didn’t start while celebrating her 2nd birthday this weekend. It was the day after!


Anyway, the party was fab (as in, the kids enjoyed it while I spent days organizing it and hours afterwards cleaning up).  We got a sunny day for games, laughter, gifts and the typical delicious kiddie food you’re never too old to love. My friends and relatives went all out in celebrating a wonderful day with us, and Esme looked great in her party dress (Elsa from Frozen. Cinderella must NOT be happy she’s been so easily ousted!). Well, for ten minutes at least! She attacked her birthday cake with gusto and played all manner of games with her cousins and friends that, of course, led me to have to send her dress to be dry cleaned!

on scooter

Like any other birthday, the opening of the presents is the most awaited time. Esme uttered endlessly the words “Mine … mine” while shaking gift boxes – a bit bratty, but what can you expect from a 2 year old who’s the centre of attention? A smile from ear to ear was practically glued on her face while removing the gift wrappers. She got dolls, stuff toys, clothes, reading books and a lot more.

But by far the best present was the one Jack and I bought her, however arrogant that sounds! A brand new Minnie Mouse Scooter from the House of Fraser can give you the right to really smother a two-year with kisses! So that’s my little tip for the day for mothers with young toddlers! Especially if you need something to keep your child quiet ALL AFTERNOON , which is what’s happened today.


It was my niece, Isla, who inspired me to buy the scooter. She’s 4, so a little older than Esme, but she was whooshing around her backyard a few weeks ago when I was visiting – and believe me, in the nicest possible way, and with no offence meant to my brother and his wife, Isla is a bit of a handful! She seems to have progressed from the Terrible Twos to the Feisty Fours! I knew Esme would love to have her own scooter (she pretty much idolizes Isla. Oh joy.), and anything that can keep my niece happy and entertained for an afternoon I knew would be fab for my daughter.

Esme loves the Daisy Duck footplate, and the easy grip handlebars make it a great toy for kids even as young as 2, like my daughter. The design is bright and appealing to kids, and I can’t fault the quality and sturdy design; I’m sure both Isla and my Esme will enjoy their colorful and comfortable Minnie Mouse Scooters for at least a few years (and it’s entirely possible they will be able to use them for years to come because the handlebars are also adjustable, which means Esme won’t outgrow them any time soon).


Left in the box ready for James’ birthday!



Even better is the price of the scooter! Cheap enough for me to have got straight back online to see what scooters House of Fraser had available for my nephew James, who will be celebrating his 3rd birthday next month! Exciting games, food and gifts are up ahead once again. And, thanks to their fast delivery, I have the perfect gift all ready for him. James loves superheroes, and I’m certain his new Spiderman 3-wheeled scooter will be a great hit!  Again, this scooter also has the advantage of the easy grip, adjustable handlebars giving it the longevity a lot of kids’ toys don’t. This scooter also has cool chunky wheels which I think will probably help him to balance, and the cool Spiderman design is ace! If only they made one with a Batman: The Dark Knight Rises design for me! (Closet geek alert, but that superhero trilogy is incredible!)

Honestly, I love kids with dirty hands and clothes. Yes, that’s right. Dirty clothes simply mean they are having fun discovering stuff. Kids glued to their computer games are missing a lot. As a mother and an aunt, I make sure the kids are ‘out there’ enjoying fresh air and discovering wonderful things Mother Nature has to offer.  Dirt and more dirt will follow the kids everywhere, but who cares? I have a washing machine to take care of it.  Right now, I could just imagine the fun days these three kids would have with their brand new scooters. Sometimes you just have to let your inner child out, smile, let go and enjoy the fun!