What I Learned about Taking Better Care of My Car

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:26am by Ella

Whether it’s your husband, boyfriend (I’m not suggesting you would have both of those at the same time), uncle, male friend or your father, most of us ladies never quite got exactly why the men in our lives seemed to have some car-expert spirit take over their minds when they detect something wrong with your vehicle or if they just want to make sure you’re taking good care of it. Whether it’s something as simple as checking the oil (and giving you a lecture about why that’s important) or perhaps if it’s something just a little more “complex” like changing a flat tyre, there is more to it than the indicative “daddy takes the wheel” stereotype.

Further inspired by the #TYREKNOWLEDGE trend, I was a bit curious about what the effects of just taking better care of my car would be and I’m talking here about the most basic of ways through which to take better care of your vehicle. You don’t have to make like the lads do and give her a name and speak to “her” like she’s your girlfriend or anything like that, but just resolving to take an interest in some of the ways through which you can look after it will make a big difference to a lot of the aspects which come together to account for its upkeep.

I’ll start with merely listing some of the aspects targeted which constitute taking better care of your car and then just loosely reference what I learned by way of the effects, then I’m going to focus specifically on the effects taking better care of the tyres has.

One of the most important aspects to consider when taking better care of your car is auto body and paint repair. If your car shows any signs of rust, dents, or paint chips, you need to get them repaired as soon as possible with the help of a shop offering auto body and paint repair in Austin (or wherever you are based). Regular car washes and waxing are also important steps to ensure your car looks as good as new. By maintaining the exterior of your car, you can prevent further damage from occurring and ensure the value of your vehicle is preserved.

We ladies often have cars which are otherwise considered “dirty” in the interior, but it’s really just a matter of the inside of our cars making for some more space in which to put all the stuff we have. The boot/trunk is not enough, thank you very much! No matter – what’s important is to keep the car clean and shiny on the outside because then the paint lasts longer and there are numerous other benefits to it, like the fact that it performs better by somehow being more fuel-efficient. Aside from cleaning the exterior, you should repair any dents, replace the bumper (if it is damaged), and periodically opt for an oil change (with the help of mechanics who can be found at Pickering’s Auto Service – a firm that can offer Auto Repair lakewood). Know that these are quite important steps to keep the automobile safe and sound. However, if individuals do not opt for these, they would soon be needing to replace their existing vehicles. That said, those who own premium cars might be a bit concerned about their repair costs –they might as well consider looking at sites like Premium Components to find the necessary car parts (if they are good mechanics themselves, they can go for DIY repairs).

Anyway, coming back to the topic of cleaning, keeping the headlight lamps clean has the lighting making a better impact, which is a bit obvious I guess.

Making sure your baby is “hydrated” with all the water it needs consumes less battery power and ensures there is less wear on all the components which deploy and utilise the water.

Now getting back to the tyres – tyres which are properly taken care of save you money by improving the performance of your car (better fuel efficiency) and reducing the stress on some other components, such as the CV-joints in the case of a front-wheel drive. So it really doesn’t matter if you have cheap car tyres running – all that matters is that you take good care of them in the many different ways tyres can be taken good care of, such as how ensuring they’re properly inflated reduces drag and therefore goes back to contributing to better fuel efficiency.

You can learn more about taking care of your tyres and the impact that has from the experts, TyrePlus, who have compiled a very useful e-book: https://www.tyreplus.co.uk/assets/tyreplus/blog/GetToGripsWithYourTyres.pdf