When DIY is a bad idea

Posted on May 21 2019 - 5:02am by Ella

There are lots of jobs around the house where a DIY approach is absolutely fine. However, when it comes to the electrical systems in your home, it involves more than changing a light bulb, don’t do it. Leave the job to the professionals. Here’s why?

There is real danger involved in electrical work. Serious injuries, fire and even death are real possibilities if you don’t know what you are doing. Even professionals like those from getthebestelectric.com/electrical/electrical-panel-services/, with a wealth of experience are at risk, but that risk is mitigated by their experience and knowledge of safety procedures, and the fact that they have the necessary tools to get the job done properly and safely. That’s why it’s best to visit a site like paulmacrina.com/service-areas/weston/ to get in touch with a professional for any electrical work, compared to handling things on your own.


Even if you were able to do the job properly at the outset, if you aren’t a professional you may be in for an unexpected surprise down the road. Sometimes the job may seem as though it is done properly, but underneath the surface there is still an underlying problem. Those problems have a way of rearing their ugly heads down the road, when we least expect it – and they are usually worse than the original problem was. Avoid that by hiring an expert from the get-go.

In addition to the safety hazards associated with performing electrical work yourself, there are also potential legal issues associated with doing electrical work yourself. You could face some serious fines and repercussions from your insurance company if you are found to have performed work yourself without the necessary permits and inspections. Don’t invite trouble. Call in the pros, like the team at https://www.asburyelectric.com/virginia-beach-electrician/, to do the work for you.

All of that being said, if you have a good relationship with your electrician, they will sometimes let you do some of the grunt work (under their strict supervision) and charge you a reduced fee because of that. You can perhaps do things like cutting holes for outlets, removing old light fixtures, etc. to give the electrician a hand and potentially save a few dollars, while staying a safe distance away from the actual nitty-gritty of the electrical work. Make sure you are supervised and you do not do any of the bigger work yourself, just in case of injury. You may want to contact a Broken Arrow electrician, or an electrician in proximity to your location to get this going.


As a general rule, always hire an electrical if your home renovation project involves any of the following things:

Demolition work, such as tearing down walls or even digging up your yard (which may affect power lines)

Cutting or drilling into walls, floors, or ceilings, which may involve wiring

Converting storage areas into living spaces

Anything else that requires you to shut of the power supply to your home.

If you are not absolutely sure that you can safely, legally and competently perform the electrical aspect of the job you are thinking of taking on, don’t. When it comes to electrical work, always err on the side of caution. That’s not the time to roll the dice and hope for the best. Doing so could have disastrous consequences on many different levels, from insurance and legal troubles to the potential for serious injury. It’s simply not worth it. Hire an electrician Covina residents.

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