Why Waterproof your Basement

Posted on Apr 26 2019 - 10:23am by Ella

Spring and Winter both can hard on our homes in Ottawa, especially the lower levels. The several feet of snow and then the spring rains often accumulate against the foundation of our homes as well as lower levels of our homes, leading to water penetration and flooding. You may notice that your basement is damp and even may have water present. The foundation may have cracked and is allowing water or moisture to seep into the lower levels of the home or basement. In order to ensure that your home is protected you should waterproof the lower levels and the basement of your home.

Reasons waterproofing is so Important

Prevention of Mold and other Bacteria

The main reason to have your home professionally waterproofed is to prevent mold and other bacteria from growing. Mold loves damp environments! Once your basement is damp or flooded, mold will begin to call the area home. Mold and other bacteria can grow very quickly and completely take over the basement. Not only will you visually see mold, but mold spores will be released into the air you breathe, which can cause health problems especially for those with allergies or other respiratory issues. When damp and mold has set in as a result of flooding, it is important to find a flooding restoration service similar to that offered by this Auckland Flood Restoration Specialist. They can help dry out your basement and kill any mold present, leaving you with a healthier home.


Prevention of Damage to your Personal Belongings

Whether we are talking about the basement of the lower levels of your home, you have personal belongings in that area that you want to protect. You may use the basement for storing things such as old photos, books, or furniture. With waterproofing your home, leaks can occur which can fill your basement with floodwater and you can easily lose all of those precious belongings that you are storing in the basement. The same goes for the lower levels of your home that may be your living space where the family enjoys sleeping, watching television or eating dinner. All of these belongings are at risk if you have not waterproofed your home.

If unfortunate circumstances arise and you are faced with basement flooding, call a water damage restoration service provider instead of handling it yourself. A flooded basement can compromise the structural integrity of the building and requires an expert who can carry out the restoration work effectively.

Professional Waterproofing

When you use a professional company, they will ensure that moisture and water cannot penetrate the foundation of your home. The technicians will ensure that water is not allowed to accumulate against the foundation and moisture and dampness will never enter your home.


After the analyzing is done and the foundation is protected it is important to ensure the water will be lead away from your home. The professional will use different methods such as sloping the ground near the home to divert the water to go in a different direction. By talking with a professional, you will learn the best route to take to ensure your home is safe from dampness, moisture, and water that can do more than damage the interior of your home but that can actually cause damage to your entire home foundation. Waterproofing in Ottawa is a necessity if you want to ensure your home and belongings have all the protection they need.