Sep 12 2021
by Ella |
Comments Off on Helping Kids Decide on a Career

In the summer, when kids are still out playing and not studying, help them to think about what career they might like to pursue in college. Give them a discussion piece to read with an objective viewpoint about various careers. There are a number of books you can use as a guide. You should talk to your kids while they are reading so that you can get their take on various topics. Let them know that you are supportive of their choices and would like them to make the best decision...

Sep 03 2021
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Comments Off on The Four-Dimensional Model of Parenting

The parenting or child rearing involves the special responsibilities that parents bear with their children. It entails providing love, security, and caring to your children. A mother is said to be the mother of a family when she is responsible in the raising of her children. The mother plays an important role in her child’s life from conception to adolescence. Parents are the protectors and providers of their children. They are the mentors of their wards and provide them...

Aug 27 2021
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Comments Off on Camping With the Family

Camping with the family offers many advantages for the entire family. First and foremost are the increased camping opportunities that allow everyone to have a chance to experience the outdoors in a more fun and relaxed manner. Camping family time is also increasing parent involvement, and it naturally increases the levels of emotional bonding between all the family members. Numerous studies show that camping family time will significantly increase, not just your parenting level,...

Jul 30 2021
by Ella |
Comments Off on Tips to Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

Family time is a very important factor which helps to build strong relationships, love, bonds, and belonging among all the family members equally. Spending quality time together with family does certainly help in dealing with challenges, instil a sense of security, instil family values, and more importantly fill children with fun, confidence. So, parents are advised to spend quality time together with their kids, even if they are alone. However, there are a number of things...

Jul 16 2021
by Ella |
Comments Off on Make The Most Out Of Your Family Days Out With Adventure Tour

If you follow me on twitter then you will already know all about having the best value for money on all family days out as a family. The high cost of taking care of the children during the school breaks is horrific. For three young children it actually costs up to 110 a day just to have them in childcare (which is before the government’s scheme). So this means that the cost goes up by almost a third, which leaves a pretty penny in our pocket. But how can we make...

Jun 28 2021
by Ella |
Comments Off on Bringing Willy Wonka to Life

Everyone’s heard of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, right? Many of us have dreamed of visiting such a place where almost everything is edible and delicious. But what if the chocolate factory came to life? how much exactly would that world cost? How much would the Wonka company be worth? How much would the Oompa Loompas get paid? We dissected every element of Mr. Dahl’s story to calculate the costs of bringing his world of pure imagination to life today. Here’s how...

Apr 07 2021
by Ella |
Comments Off on How To Learn Immigration Law

An immigration lawyer works with undocumented and legal immigrants to help process their visas, residency, and citizenship applications. But sometimes, they go the extra mile whenever they see the need. If you want to learn immigration law, studying to be an immigration lawyer is the most ideal and practical step to take. This way, you will be certified, and you can even have the authority to act out in keeping with the law and have a thorough knowledge of how you can help...

Apr 07 2021
by Ella |
Comments Off on Can’t Sell a House Because of Neighbours?

In selling one’s home, it can be ultimately a stressful experience. Regardless of what process the seller pushes through, i.e., with or without a listing agent, renovation, advertising, client meetings, and the likes, it is without a doubt a situation where you have to exercise your patience. However, even if the seller has already tried everything to make the home welcoming to potential homeowners, external factors arise in various cases. One factor to this is your neighbors,...

Feb 02 2021
by Ella |
Comments Off on Best Places to move to with a young family

Whether you already have a big family and plenty of patters of feet roaming around your home or you can’t wait to fill all the empty rooms with giggles, gurgles and laughter, there’s nothing quite like have a house full of family. But if you decide your home isn’t quite feeling as big as it did maybe when it was just the two of you, then you may be in need of a change. Moving the whole family and relocating can seem like a bit of a challenge so here are some top places...

Jan 31 2021
by Ella |
Comments Off on Parenting Styles – An Overview

Parenting styles are a broad classification of techniques used by parents to deal with their children. A broad range of parenting styles have been identified and although there is some controversy regarding their validity, there is no doubt that there exists a significant number of them. Some of these styles may be referred to as behavioral styles, whereas others may be described as individualistic or eclectic. One of the most widely used parenting styles is the authoritarian...

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